I grew up watching films and reading novels. And it was during the late eighties and early nineties when love stories were based on deep emotions with the commitments set in cement and with the fascinating everlasting love, I was always left with one question – Does such love really exist? Can two people be so deeply connected?

The concept of soulmate never existed then or so I thought. For me, it was all in the films and novels. As I navigated through my phases of life, life just passed by me with me getting busier day by day fulfilling my responsibilities, playing my roles as a daughter, a wife, a mother along with my career. It was one fine day when I happened to overhear a conversation between two colleagues, the discussion stirred me. ‘Soulmate’, one had mentioned explaining the intense emotions. Bragging and exaggerating, were what I had felt when I heard the overwhelming emotions so precisely put into clear words. From then on, the good old thoughts of love which was long forgotten started visiting me quite often, what for me, seemed a pleasant feeling.

The words, I overheard got me into deep thinking about my events of life. By then, I was a mother of three. Leave apart soul mate, love or passion, even friendships, and me-time, had eluded me. All I had before me were my responsibilities. A beautiful family, lovely children, a fulfilling career was all one wishes for and me, having all those, I still felt a void. I felt I was deprived of some things in life. Questions after questions filled in me, who is a soulmate? Soulmate, for me, was the one that came with the feeling of love and being loved. So, my next question to myself was, should I fall in love again to feel good. But how can it be possible at this phase of my life?

With all my analysis, I found a solution. I had to allow myself for the new venture of meeting that one special person. If not now, when? There can never be a chance, I was quite serious. Unknowingly and fortunately, I had a short encounter with someone whom I felt ‘an ideal person’. Do I call the person as my soulmate, I kept wondering. By then, the short encounter had long ended. It was then, I realized that I had met my soulmate. And that was it. I had become a new person. I had changed in many ways. My approach to life changed. I had new passions and life had taken a new turn.

‘Whenever you are in love, you’re capable of learning everything and knowing things you had never dared even to think because love is the key to an understanding of all the mysteries.’ – Paulo Coehlo

And there, I came out with my own definition of a soulmate. It is that one person who challenges you and brings out the best in you, transcending you to a higher level of maturity. It is not just limited to love or friendship. It is the traits that we want to possess for ourselves and when we see those similar traits or principles in the other, we tend to term it as love or we call that person as our soulmate. It indeed is falling in love with ourselves and our lives all over again. The outcome is an improvised version of our own selves. It is our own conscious choice to seek in our own self to be that changed person we wished to be.

It is a transitory phase what most of us fail to understand and end up with a mess becoming possessive and demanding. Letting go off the so-called soulmate graciously is important for us to move ahead.

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