It’s been quite a long time since I posted last. My apologies to all my readers for this long gap. I definitely owe you an explanation. Well, here it goes. To begin with, it was the mounting tension to get a seat in a good college and university for my child who had completed her twelfth what took a long time. Adding onto it were other timely decisions. The frequent travels, planning, and organizing, with other daily priorities, stretched a bit too much. Finally, having got back to my routine, I am picking up from where I had left.

As I began planning a blog post this morning, one of my recent instances suddenly popped up and brought me a compelling urge to share it with you. Here it is!

The past few days, rather months, with my days filled with emotional stress, I was unable to reply to the WhatsApp messages. I read the messages though. I wished I could let people know the reason for me not responding. Updating my WhatsApp status was the only option. But the limited options available were way too far from what I wanted. I had to spend time searching for a relevant one, which I could not afford. But it was during one of my toughest situations, when I felt too hurt after leaving my child in the hostel, in a new city, with new faces, and in some new surroundings, to be all by herself, and as I headed to the airport, I desperately wished to talk and share my pain with my loved ones. But the torrent of tears choked my throat and made it difficult for me even to utter a word.

My suppressed emotions found a way to vent. I came up with a WhatsApp status that exactly matched my emotions, “Surviving empty nest is an important part of aging gracefully.” And that had said it all. No wonder, I received calls from my near and dear ones to comfort me with their kind words. Such is the power of WhatsApp status, I realized.

But can everyone come up with relevant statuses to reflect their emotions to update in their status column in WhatsApp and let their loved ones know? If time is the constraint for some, it is the restless mind for others, while for some, it is simply the vocabulary. But then, our all-pervading google goddess will definitely have something in its store. The curiosity struck me hard. I googled. And there, listed one website, A one-stop solution, I’d rather call.

The website provides sixty categories, ranging from love to romance, sad to a broken heart, funny to spirituality, emotional to crazy, decent to naughty and much more available in two languages, Hindi and English.

Want one which resonates your mood? Visit Grab a unique, new, enticing status from the list and let that special one know about you.


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