Born helpless, we are dependent. As children, we learn by watching and mimicking people around us. Social skills, responsibilities, and commitments add on in the subsequent stages. We grow into adults we learn to understand the world with its reality, learning to decide on our course of actions seeking approval and validations from people around. Experiencing new experiences of life, absorbing the lessons of life, we mold ourselves through self-discovery and finally possess an identity, a unique set of traits that define us. And our baggage of life that we carry has both the upsides and downsides with its own sets of lessons. Up until this stage, life is all about non-stop growth and ascendance and time flies only to hit a sudden pause. Life, what until now was a long journey becomes short with limited opportunities.

It is now, we are triggered to re-evaluate our life. Consolidating, we cut out some people in our lives. We double down on our targets and aims of life and the fallout is a reshuffling of our priorities. By now, evolving through each subsequent stage, with life offering us a power to have a greater control, we maximize our potential, we stretch our boundaries and achieve our targets. This is precisely a stage where we build our legacy, something we leave behind forever after we are gone. We fulfill our dreams and desires.

It is now, again that another stuck hit us, a feeling that we do not have anything to achieve, an aimless life, I would call it rather – the most difficult phase of life. The very belief of ours’, the purpose of our life is shattered. What next, is a big challenge. This is precisely when we accept life without questioning. A stage of acceptance. A stage where regrets and complaints no more exist!

This is exactly where I am now. A great blow, I call it. Experiencing the moments, the dull days and the clueless life, here I come up with some explanations and solutions, what I think can help those who like me are facing the discomforts, to being evolved human beings.

1. This is an overlapping phase of life where the transition is tough though can be over with a little of patience and endurance. The solution is to just have faith, pray constantly, look ahead, keep going.

2. Enjoy life to the core as per your definition of enjoyment. Take up challenges and challenge yourself. Having come this far, acknowledge and appreciate the fact, you were too good in fulfilling your responsibilities. Question yourself, why stop now?

3. Time to choose something unique. Maybe a new challenge. Choose wisely, walk faithfully, believe firmly. And there you are, living your dream life!

4. This is a phase where you have to align your health, your needs, your priorities and your wishes along with those of your loved ones. So, exercise regularly, eat healthy and relax.

5. Connect with yourself. Integrate a little of spirituality in your daily routine.

To sum up, Life is all about little things that matter a lot in our daily lives. It is the approach help us to be evolved human beings.

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