The very definition of empowerment is to provide a powerful ambiance to those who are considered weak. Women empowerment is all hyped and exaggerated in every corner of the world. The gender equality, providing education to a girl child, providing loans with a subsidized rate of interest and a lot more initiatives have been going on around. The motto is to teach them decision-making, make them independent, help them boost their self-esteem and to provide them equal rights as that of their male counterparts in the society and workplaces.

But, I’d say, the big fat word, ‘women empowerment’ is demeaning and senseless. A small illustration of our daily lives can explain it very well. Since ages and even today, a woman in a family is the backbone. Juggling roles, from a doting daughter to a caring mother to a competent colleague, it is the woman who takes the upper hand than their male counterparts. Hence, it is evident that it is their instinct or their inborn traits of management, that help them excel in every role they play.

It is the excess responsibility that restricted them or made them stay in the four confined walls of the house and take care of the household chores, look after the children, while the man earns. Every woman prioritizes the need of her family and her needs are often compromised and sacrificed. And as the years pass by, in the process, some suppress themselves and surrender to the demanding situations. The man climbs up the career ladder and continues to enjoy his life, achieving his dreams while the woman, who once was highly ambitious, misses the boat. But midst of all these, there is one lot of women, who challenge and risk themselves. They restart their second career, right from the scratch. The flourishing and thriving women entrepreneurs are a testimony to it.

Why would there exist the word ‘women-empowerment’ if every man takes upon himself the responsibility of supporting the woman, be it his spouse, or his sibling, or a mother or even at the workplace? Lending them hands for little things in daily lives, helping them ease their jobs, supporting them morally is all a woman needs.

How wonderful would the society be if there had been a little change in the perspective?

Rather than considering women as the weaker section and trying to provide them shelter, it would be appropriate if there is a shift in thought process. Providing women a safe and secured ambiance, and making them feel comfortable, be it home or workplace is nothing but empowerment.

A small step towards achieving this would be imparting an education at school levels, as to how to respect women so that the child from the very early age can learn and bring back the most respected culture of India, worshipping women.

As the saying goes, ‘if you educate a woman, you educate a family, the nation by large’, so does, respecting a woman. If you respect a woman, the family is happy. It’s again the nation and the world at large.

What do you think is women empowerment? Share your thoughts below.

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