Every parent and kid would unanimously agree that involvement of a parent in the kid’s life is extremely necessary. This ensures a proper guidance and direction in life for the child, immensely aiding the parent-child relationship and bonding. But, the term ‘being involved’ can mean different things to different people. The million dollar question is where the perfect balance is.  What are the most effective parenting styles to ensure the best for the kid?

Let us discuss about three essential effective parenting styles prevalent today.

Authoritarian Parenting – demands strict obedience and discipline from the kids.

An aggressive parenting style to put it rightly, authoritarian parents chalk out a discipline structure for the children to comply with always. The parent usually decides what is best for the child without paying much heed to his opinions or thoughts. Imposing obedience and discipline, sometimes harshly, deviating from which is rarely without consequences.  Some go to extreme measures of discrediting the child’s ideas and tease or humiliate even punish them for making mistakes. Authoritarian parenting might teach the kid to be extremely disciplined and obedient, but it will severely damage the child’s self-esteem. He will look up to his parents as an authoritative figure for solutions to all his problems. Children growing up in such environments often turn rebellious. After a certain point, they may become extremely submissive owing to their shattered self-esteem and self-confidence.

Permissive Parenting – Parents are reluctant in imposing too many rules and let the children decide for themselves.

On the contrasting side of the spectrum, permissive parents barely impose any rules and try to avoid any disciplinary actions. They tend to support their child in everything, which often tends to lead to even blind support and faith. Permissive parents, to ensure their kids always like them ignore when their kids evade responsibilities and take it upon themselves. Barely any limits are set and the kids make their own choices in whatever situation or circumstance. Although with the teens, owing to the negligible control, parents have over them, this parenting style is questionable in ways. The children don’t learn to respect their parents.  They deny taking responsibilities and are rarely going to turn to parents for any important decisions in their lives. With their free-will and no set limits, they make mistakes and tend to let their life go haywire.

Authoritative or Assertive Parenting – An amalgamation of the above two.

This style finds a balance and is the best, skimming the best qualities of both ends of the spectrum. The parents do not go overboard with discipline but ensure that their kids’ problems and mistakes are not ignored either. Kids growing up to assertive parenting, respect their parents, obey them while also turn to them for their needs. The kids learn to tackle their problems with a guiding hand and also learn to take up responsibilities. They can be fiercely independent while also knowing their limits and abiding by them. This balance makes it the best style of parenting and is the reason for gaining immense popularity in today’s society.

The bottom line: To raise a smart child that fits in the today’s world, you need to give your child positive attention and tap their potential.  Above all, flexibility and blending the three effective parenting styles, you can give a robust foundation.

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