Since ancient times, many historic stories and folklores have validated the use and benefits of birthstones. Birthstones were believed to be enriched with mystical healing powers. Even in today’s world people widely believe that birthstones have immense benefits and can help in healing or in bringing about good fortune. Gems and stones are generally categorized based on months of the year and depending on your birth date, the relevant birthstones can serve a number of purposes and are a great source of healing.

Here is a list of all the 12 birthstones in the healing process that signify each month of the year:

  1. Red Garnet/Amber (January)

Red garnet has been time and again associated with curing blood diseases, inflammation and regulating circulatory system as a whole. These stones are believed to harness immense energy which positively affects the various chakras thus facilitating healing process in individuals.

  1. Amethyst (February)

Amethyst has been a symbol of peace, tranquility, and temperament since times unknown. It is said to channel and focus positive energy which is probably why it finds use amongst the Buddhist monks too. Very popular among healers, this February birthstone is beneficial is honing clairvoyant abilities and to clear the mind to find focus and direction.

  1. Aquamarine (March)

This blue birthstone is said to gel amazingly for people born in March and inculcates calmness and mental clarity. It removes negative energy and is said to be essential in boosting growth and immunity. Affecting the throat chakra, aquamarine is said to help calm the nerves thus easing anxiety and also helps in enhancing the overall mood and temper.

  1. Diamond (April)

A symbol of purity, integrity, courage and innocence, the April birthstone is known for boosting energy levels in and around the wearer and brings clarity. Diamonds are related to the brain and its activities and are found to be effective in reducing depression, vertigo, and dizziness among other issues.

  1. Emerald (May)

Emerald is not only soothing to look at but serves exemplary benefits to people born in May. This birthstone is often associated with the heart chakra and is said to help cure of vision problems, sinus, and infectious or contagious diseases.

  1. Pearl (June)

Pearl is often associated with love, innocence, and femininity and is said to calm down an angry, restless mind. June’s birthstone has immense health benefits and helps healing digestive disorders, ulcers, exhaustion and also aids to prevent heart attacks. Pearls are also known to ease headaches, tension, anxiety and stress.

  1. Ruby (July)

Ruby is said to bring a peaceful life safe from dangers for people born in July. This birthstone finds immense use in detoxifying lymphatic system and circulatory system. It helps eradicate laziness and exhaustion while improves vigor and fertility.

  1. Peridot (August)

This soothing birthstone is said to ward off depression and anything evil. August’s birthstone, Peridot, is said to be very useful to facilitate metabolism and immunity while also aiding beneficial for skin.

  1. Sapphire (September)

Sapphire is useful not only in healing blood and cell disorders but also in strengthening overall body system, glands, and veins.

  1. Opal (October)

Opal has been used as a birthstone owing to its exceptional healing abilities associated with the renal or circulatory system. It helps balancing insulin and to ward off fever and infections too. Due to its feminine strength, Opal is also said to help women during childbirth.

  1. Yellow Topaz (November)

Yellow topaz signifies power, abundance, and creativity. Stimulating the navel chakra, this birthstone is said to be useful in healing stress related issues and maintaining an overall emotional balance.

  1. Turquoise (December)

Used since ancient times as a healing stone, Turquoise is said to be good for overall healing for people born in December. This birthstone helps in seeping in nutrients, improves immunity and also helps in cell regeneration.

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