Till a couple of hundreds of years back, healing both the mind and body was a standard practice as it was believed a lot of physical ailments stems from the mind too. Self-healing is a prevalent process which helps you to fine-tune your body by healing your mind, spirit and conscience thus facilitating healing of your physical problems. More than a specific technique, self-healing is actually based on what we can otherwise call healthy habits like eating healthy, proper exercises, proper sleep patterns etc. It should come as no surprise that these things are of utmost importance in today’s chaotic world where we pop in a few pills to cure our body but do barely anything to keep our mind healthy and relaxed. Self healing enhances physical endurance as well as mental and emotional health to a great extent.

Let us discuss some methods to practice self-healing.

Breathing Pattern
Deep breathing is one of the easiest, quickest and extremely effective methods to curb out negative thoughts or stress. Taking deep breaths while controlling your breathing pattern as a regular practice can be highly beneficial. Studies have revealed that it helps raising the antioxidant levels in the blood which in turn protects you from a number of stress-induced ailments. Breathing techniques also help control and lower the blood pressure which helps in the long run. Protection against heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and hypertension are among some of the numerous health benefits and regular practice of proper breathing techniques also delays aging.

Meditation is a very common practice to stay physically fit and to de-stress. Mostly based on stillness and controlled breathing, the goal is to eradicate all random thoughts that clutter your mind and keep you stressed. Meditation helps you inculcate an inner peace by eradicating these thoughts and negativity from your mind and help you reach a state of awareness. Meditation is said to help people dealing with anxiety issues and stress related problems and enhances attention span. It also proves beneficial in controlling the blood pressure thus reducing the possibility of stroke and heart attack. Meditation helps people reach a state of calmness and clears the mind which enhances creativity, helps in learning things and even helps to withstand physical or emotional pain.

Yoga is an ancient practice which involves various body-mind coordination exercises to facilitate healthy living. A combination of stretching and relaxing techniques along with controlled breathing involving is what makes yoga extremely effective in stabilizing a mind and body balance while also altering a clear stress-free mind and fit body. The practice mostly based on stretching exercises and movements is known to reduce stress-induced anxiety, improve heart conditions and to lower blood pressure. As your physical limits are also being stretched, it helps reducing muscle tension to a great extent and also develops essential mental as well as the physical discipline which goes a long way to help you achieve your life goals.

Tai Chi
Initially practiced in China as a form of martial arts, Tai Chi soon gained popularity as a form of moving meditation owing to its gentle aerobic movements which enhance mental and physical durability. This low impact practice involving breathing patterns, body postures, and meditation is said to inculcate an effective energy flow in the body which reaps immense health benefits. Other than honing better state of awareness, calmness, and mind-body coordination, Tai Chi is extremely effective in reducing muscle pains and stiffness too. It improves physical endurance, helps in erratic sleep patterns and brings about an overall wellness to help combat ailments.

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