Indispire Post – Wonderful starry night sky

The Past is always beautiful. It becomes an integral part of our lives in future.  How often we find ourselves lost in the memories of the past and at the same time feel worried about the future.  A simple fact can explain it well.  The days when technologies were behind, there were get-togethers.  We used to visit people without any prior intimation and we would be happily greeted.  But today, even if we need to knock on our neighbour’s door, we need to think twice.

The basic important element, the connectivity is missing today.  Connectivity links to faith, trust, and communication, what has been decreasing these days.  And the same holds good with the unlimited opportunities and the wide exposure.  With quite a lot of alternatives and choices, life is rather becoming a struggle than being easy.   People are ending up in wrong choices and in their struggle to set things right, the charm is lost.  In pursuit of happiness, there never is any limitation for anything.

With the change in the very definition of happiness, the little wonders in our daily lives have lost their meaning.  With each one in the family having cell phones, the happiness in sitting together and having a dinner or a chat during tea time has vanished.

Considering the future, it’s high time to change the lifestyle.  Finding happiness gluing and getting lost with the gadgets can be replaced with a leisurely evening walk with a loved one.  A long drive in the midst of the busy crowded streets can be replaced with a silent watch of the night sky.  You’ll be amazed as you explore. Try connecting the stars and study the constellations.  Happiness found in these little things brings in us a contentment.  It helps us to connect with nature thereby connecting with ourselves.

I remember, when I was a child, during summer vacations, my favourite time would be spending time with my family after the dinner.  Sitting on the balcony with all my cousins, uncles and aunts, sharing jokes, instances and events, we used to watch the night sky.  Sometimes cloudy and sometimes it glittered.  Even the hot humid air went unnoticed.  There were not air conditioners and sometimes there would be no power too, unlike today.  But still, life was easy and people were happy.

I am grateful to this Indispire post because, as I am writing these, I am realizing what I had been missing since long.   At least once a week, I have to include the night sky watch than the outings what leaves me tiresome.

So, this weekend, I will find my comfort corner on my balcony and without tagging anyone with me, I will watch the starry night sky.  Maybe with silent music too….

Doesn’t it sound great!

Looking forward to sharing with all my readers, my experience of watching the starry night sky.

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