Hypnosis is a prevalent procedure where a hypnotherapist analyses and documents your subconscious by helping you reach a relaxed state of mind and asking you a series of questions. We have often heard about hypnosis and past life regressions which both go hand in hand.

Let us dig in deeper and find out a little more about hypnosis and past life regression.


Extremely popular during the 18th and 19th century, Hypnosis was studied in detail for its immense potential and capabilities in studying human nature and behavior. We have all heard of Sigmund Freud who used hypnosis as a medium to study human psychology and soon hypnosis was identified as a viable tool for not only studying but also as a proper method of medicine which has been used for ages now to correct behavioral issues, anger management, chronic pain etc. Hypnosis is deemed effective in surfacing suppressed memories as well and finds its use in healing the mind and body in a number of ways.

In today’s world, hypnotherapy is extremely common. Hypnotherapy or hypnosis for the cause of therapy finds its roots in the very concept of heightening awareness and senses by guiding the patient into a subconscious state ruling out any distractions of sound and sight. The patient is then capable of intently focusing on something particular like a memory with heightened concentration and the therapist can then study, suggest or alter some subtle changes to help heal the person from a trauma, emotional distress or stress.

We go through hypnosis every now and then without realizing it. Have you ever been so engrossed in watching a show or movie that everything else around you blurs out for a short span of time? Have you ever been so intently thinking of something while traveling or doing something that you are surprised how you lost track of time for a while? Hypnosis is a similar feeling, albeit a bit stronger where the concept is to focus on something so intently that everything else blurs out and lets you concentrate on one particular event or thought. Most therapists use progressive relaxation in their sessions to help patients relax their senses, thoughts and every muscle of the body by visualizing something and focusing on it. This caters to better possibilities and outcomes for hypnosis or past life regressions.

Past Life Regression

It is believed that we have minor cellular memories of our past life which linger in our subconscious which we are not otherwise aware of. It is said that these minor things can manifest into a number of emotional disturbances which in turn disrupts our life by troubling our mind and body. Anxiety, phobias, depression, addictions and even relationship issues or other major problems are said to stem out from karmic effects of our past life. This is where past life regression comes in as an effective healing procedure to reach the spiritual root cause of problems we are facing and help in eradicating them. Hypnosis and past life regression go hand in hand where a therapist reaches your subconscious and helps you form a bond between the present and past – helping you surface cellular memories from past life which might be the solution to understanding and healing from a number of mental as well as physical health issues.

Many people reject the idea either by a lack of belief or by warding off the unwanted addition to their list of troubles. But there are people who believe and can vouch for it that past life regression has helped them heal.

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