“Living in the moment means letting go of the past and not waiting for the future. It means living your life consciously, aware that each moment you breathe is a gift.” – Oprah Winfrey

While we pass by our lives, living through tough times, happy times, sad times and dull times, deep inside us are some stored emotions that just doesn’t leave us, no matter how long you have come by. Stubborn, arrogant just like a child demanding for a candy, it stays with us as we grow older constantly reminding us of those moments, especially ones that had hurt us. It is etched so deep that the scars left behind keep surfacing every now and then. The incidences are though long forgotten, the emotions stay intact with us. Embracing those dominating emotions, we sail through our days wearing masks of happiness or satisfaction completely unaware of the consequences. Didn’t we all experience one moment of our madness or one impulsive reaction or even a mere word getting on our nerves, only to regret later? The simple reason for our weird behaviour is the deep hidden pain or the anguish.

In our struggle to make our life comfortable, as we grow, we learn to shut our minds and shove off all the ill feelings that keep peeping now and then by keeping ourselves busy. The long-forgotten child with the long-forgotten demand for candy is now all grown-up with a much bigger demand what hasn’t been met yet. It is that time of our life when we feel life is all messed up. But by now, having come far we just do not want to let loose our past we have been holding on. Failing to acknowledge the bottled-up emotions brewing to the brim, we encounter helplessness, frustration and monotony, in life. And the results come in different names, depression or midlife crisis or even severe.

These words, as I write reminds me of my childhood days when I was always compared to my twin who was the one to listen to my parents and me, a care-free person, always up to something: picking up fights at play or the one who was always caught up dozing during night time study. My scores were always less than hers’. While I spent my pocket money to bring cakes to my little sister, she saved. My circle of friends was mischievous and hers’ were all categorized as ‘good children’. I, who never liked reading and she, a book worm. I, though woke up early would be late for school and she, up on time. The repeated comparison had lowered my confidence and the feeling of worthlessness had completely taken over me. It took me years to get back on my track. Eventually, I learnt to stand up for myself. The emotions keep coming up sometimes, but now, having come a long way, while I parent my three teenagers I learnt to let go off the past ill feelings.

Life has its own weird ways of teaching lessons. And no two lives are alike. Each one has their own shares of experiences of good times and bad times, no matter how hard you try or learn from other’s experiences. Worrying about the future or thinking about the past is a sheer waste of time. Live and let live, forget and forgive are two mantras to forge ahead.

Life indeed is beautiful but a very short journey. So, it has to be lived in the manner we love to. So, why crib and complain? Let’s take charge and steer it in the direction we wish.

Celebrating today, celebrating each moment and each day, living in the present is the only key to live life fully.

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