Each one of us experiences stress in everyday lives, especially in today’s fast world. A study has said that women are twice as susceptible to stress, as men are, the very underlying reason being, hormones rule them. Their ability to perceive things is far different from that of men and so are their reactions.

One is stressed when they are not able to keep up with the demanding situations. Unable to align their actions and expectations of themselves, their reactions and perceiving the situation leaves one stressful. This happens mostly with women as they are born with inbuilt traits of perfection, responsible, and intuition. These are the main reasons of stress for women. The little day-to-day stress too mounts and becomes a major issue to handle.

Below are some daily common causes of stress for a woman:

  • Managing two full-time jobs
    Work and home are two important domains for a woman. They are at all point of time torn apart trying to keep a balance between work and home. To be a perfectionist full-time dedication and commitment are essentials. How often we come across, a homemaker, being a dedicated mother and a wife is unable to manage everything. Being near to perfection can help a woman overcome the stress. To maintain a balance there have to be some compromises in the quality.
  • High expectation of herself
    A woman’s standard of self-expectation is set high. She struggles to meet her self-expectations. Waking up early, she prefers to cook the food for her family herself than going for a helping hand. She prepares the kids for school. She wishes to be early on time to reach her work. From dusk to dawn, she takes all the responsibilities on herself. Teaming up with the partner or other family members can help reduce substantial stress.
  • Never will be in the present
    When she is at work, she thinks of her kids and. And when she is cooking or is spending time with kids, a sudden thought about her work pops us. She easily gives in to the overwhelming emotions. More so, she always compares herself to others and aims at being the best, be it as a mother or a professional. Being a multi taskmaster, she manages the show, sensing pride, and achievement. In the process, she fails to enjoy and savour the little moments of the present. Focusing on the present than allowing the mind to wander can help her manage herself better.
  • Mood swings
    Managing minutely she wishes her other family members too to be perfect what unfortunately cannot happen. And she is all filled with guilt, taking on the blame for herself. She can never ever give up. Soon, taking on the charge again, she is all-strong to take up newer challenges. The sudden mood swing and the overwhelming causes her great stress. Accepting the situation and taking it lighter can reduce her stress level.

Juggling a broad array of responsibilities, a woman undeniably is stressed. But a conscious decision of changing her perception and taking actions can definitely be a sure method of bringing in big differences in her life.

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