Unconditional and Selfless

At first, there was a debate
Objections, from her and him as well
Working out ways, dishing out ideas
They explored the avenues
Midst the alternating Yes and No
A perfect decision panned out – A big Yes.

The D-day arrived
The plan worked out effortlessly
Did it? Oh yes, because I was a happy welcome.
I got my new family
I was their new-found joy.

A few hours and that was it
For me and them as well
To get along with each other
Weaving a strong bond
I connected with each of them
In unique ways, a complete contrast to each other.

I loved the way they held me
With utmost care, caressing me
Talking to me in a language
I never could or would understand
But the ‘Aww’ expression on their faces
Said it all.

My one little whine
And I was in for their focus, affection, and attention
To feel the warmth of their soft palms
On my tender fur
Their baby babbles lulling me to snuggle and fall asleep.

I loved to play with my new sibling
Biting her clothing, hopping and running behind her
Though a teenager seemed very similar to me
The mesmerizing whistle of my new mom
Always drew me to her
Staring into her eyes I get hypnotized
I ended up curling in her lap.

Basking in their warmth of love
I spent my days and nights alternating
Naps and plays, sniffing and reaching out their open hands
Sleeping in their bed, between them
Under their covers, I felt the most secured.

With each day passing by
All I knew was I was their precious gem
Their center of the universe, inseparable from them.
What more could I ask for?

But one evening
During my nap time
Curled up in my mom’s lap
Somewhere, something I felt like a misfit
When I saw my mom glaring at her mobile screen.

There was no smile on her face
She was glued to her cell phone
She caressed me, this time it was gentler
Soon she held me close to her bosom
And planted a gentle kiss
There I saw her teary eyes
Her sobs increasing as she looked into my eyes

As I dozed lightly
I tried to fathom the reason for her sadness
While she continued staring at her mobile screen
I figured it out
This time it was not the pictures or selfies
But something much bigger, important.

Socializing was a big word to me
But they had discussed a while ago
About me getting introduced to the neighborhood
‘Not now. He is too little.’
They had settled on.
Because I could catch a cold or get infected
Oh, and the sharp chill air!

But now, at this moment
Things suddenly had changed
I was just four weeks old
Not meeting the norms to adopt
‘Minimum 6 to 8 weeks old he had to be’
She said it loud and clear.
And that was that!

Just like a baby, he has milestones too
He needs to learn the motor skills
And it is possible only being with his mother and siblings
Just like we humans do, the dogs too have their lives
Crystal clear she was
As she convinced the others in the family.

Tears ran copiously as she uttered
We just cannot commit a sin
It was not just that, there was more to it
I heard as I lay there silently.

When getting dogs to mate is a means to earn
Then it is a forceful act.
Another Sin!
Why should we be a part of it?
She questioned, to herself than to others.

Declaring the decision
That I would be handed over back to the breeder
To be with my birth mother, with my siblings
But with a condition
That it would be only after me completing eight weeks
I could be given for adoption.
But would anyone consider it I wondered.

We had crossed paths
Our fates were entwined
For just one week though
But it was strong enough
To be forever and ever.

One last look they took of me
As they turned to take leave
I could feel words dying on their lips
Eyes fighting to hold back the tears
Was it tears of joy watching my mother feeding me?
Or was it because they would miss me?

By the time these thoughts crossed my mind,
I was put in the crate
Along with nine siblings
Who all were just like me
Tiny and adorable with hues of white and gold
For one moment, I lost myself.

One last time, I waited for my favourite whistle
To be called by my name, ‘Alpha’
But I saw them wiping their cheeks
Tears flowing copiously.

They were freed from a burden, free of a tie
But will I be?

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