Knowing your true calling in life is not an easy task at all. Most of us spend years and sometimes an entire lifetime not knowing what our one true calling is. Either, we are too occupied with responsibilities and pressure that we don’t have the time to pursue our dreams. Or in worst cases, even if we do, it is not necessarily what we are meant to do. Often after investing time and effort into your passion, you might find that you are gradually losing interest in it. Sometimes we keep trying our luck and skills in some or the other, thinking it to be our true calling. But turns out it is not. Then how to know for sure what it is that actually qualifies as our true calling in life? The fact is it is harder than it sounds – the pursuit for true happiness.

Here are 6 top ways to know for sure what your true calling in life is.

  1. Pay attention

Attention to detail is the most important thing to make the best out of your life. Make sure you keep an open eye and more importantly an open mind. Is there something that keeps coming back into your life, time and again – a hobby, an interest or something that you have a natural flair at? Ensure you weigh these out properly.  More often than not, our true calling lies in simple yet overlooked things that we think as a redundant part of our career.

  1. No distractions

If you are finding it difficult to figure out what to do, distractions will not help improve the situation. If anything, it will only make things worse, taking you on a detour from the path of achieving your dreams. Drinking, television, social media etc. whatever keeps you heavily distracted can cause a hindrance in finding out your true potential. If it is a voluntary choice to not face your problems, then it is even worse. The sooner you learn to face and tackle your problems, the sooner you will find a direction in life.

  1. Work

If you are working already but it just doesn’t feel right, take a much-needed break. Take a little time off to consider your options and in what ways you can turn your life around. A key aspect is, if you find your true calling, it will seem less like work and more like a passion.  And that you actually want to do. If something makes you feel bound, chained or a work you have to do, it is not your true calling.

  1. Meditate

Another reason why people do not find a direction is because their life and their mind are cluttered.  They are either stressed or struggling to make ends meet or just sinking under the pressure of too many responsibilities. Meditating and clearing out your mind will help ease the stress and pressure. It will also provide clarity and the ability to think with an open mind.

  1. Routine

A monotonous routine will not change anything – you are living the same day you lived yesterday. Try to shake things up once in a while and try to look at things from different perspectives. Maybe you will find a channel into your thoughts.

  1. Patience

Most importantly, you cannot rush into finding your true calling. Be patient, keep an open mind and try to take in all that you can one day at a time.

Pursue your true calling in life and live the life of your dreams.

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