The fast moving world has made our life excessively complicated.  The ever-evolving technology has not just been tempting but has been overpowering us with all its fancies.  Adapting ourselves to the changes around, we have come so far that today a stress-free life seems to be a dream. We are either constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the future.  Deadlines, targets, and responsibilities have become our way of life.  Nevertheless, lives can ease with a little shift in our perspectives.  Infusing in and practicing spirituality in our daily lives is a quick fix and a proven method to leading a stress-free life.

Below are five benefits of spiritual practice in our day-to-day lives

  1. Perspective change: To be spiritual is to connect with ourselves to a deeper level.  Our focus shifts away from the little things of life that we worry about and we are able to look at a bigger picture. Spiritual practice changes our perspectives.   It keeps us grounded and helps you aim for a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Bring awareness of the present: Spirituality is a method to silence minds from the raging thoughts.  And in the process, it sheds off the negative emotions and connects us with nature and surroundings.  It brings intentions and consciousness to the moment.  It helps us align our actions with our thoughts.
  3. The role of spirituality: Practising spirituality influences all fields of life – education, work, personal lives, and relationships.  Success is what everyone strives. But the overwhelming emotions and the anxiety stops us from achieving our goals.  Practicing spirituality soothes minds and body.  It imbibes in us a new energy, bringing success.  Spirituality plays an important role in modern life.
  4. Ease lives: We as humans often hold to our emotions, be it positive or negative.  That is what affects our health, mentally and physically.  Spiritual practice helps let go of the emotions we are holding on to and enables us to get on with our lives. It helps heals our emotions and overall well-being working on three important elements – trust, faith, and gratitude.
  5. Meaning and purpose: Spiritual practices discipline our lives and the consequences are motivation and inspiration.  The comfort and the inner peace guide us to take the right path for all our goals.  Our clear minds understand better about the situations and enable us to choose the right course of actions.

Spiritual practice cannot be a forced action.  It is the conscious decision taken by an individual.  As said and believed, there comes a time for everything, so does the time to practice spirituality.  It is that point of time of our lives when we feel helpless we look up to a greater source for help.  That is the time we tune in ourselves to be spiritual.

Embracing the big change, cultivate spirituality in your daily lives and experience the joy.    It is never too late to develop it further and enjoy the benefits it brings.  Life is a gift and a mystery. It is up to us to explore and unfold the mystery of gift.

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