It is amazing how tiny tweaks to our daily routine by integrating easy Vaastu Shastra tips for homes can become a catalyst for our happiness.

A comfortable, peaceful and successful life is what we all wish to have. Home is the only place where we can seek comfort, love, belongingness, attachment and happiness along with our loved ones around. Amidst our busy days, fulfilling our responsibilities we get lost and overlook the little difficulties that come our way. Taking it as something very trivial, our days pass on. These little difficulties accumulate and life becomes stressful. Life loses its charm. We lose our focus.

How often we see ourselves pulling on the dull days, suffering health issues! We neither can consider those as something serious nor can ignore.

However, it is possible to keep ourselves protected. First, let us understand that energy fields surround us, both positive and negative. We are always under its influence. When negative energies around overpower the positive energies we are confronted with problems. All it takes are little amendments in our daily routines to keep our homes safe.

What is Vaastu Shastra?

Vaastu Shastra is an amalgamation of science, spirituality, religion, culture and tradition, and beliefs. We, in the ultra modern era, find it illogical to follow blindly what our elders tell. Rather a scientific explanation can give a meaningful explanation. This is what Vaastu Shastra is all about. It explains the scientific reason thereby giving a touch of spirituality, what we abide by in the form of tradition, culture, and religion. It is a study of aligning the five elements of nature, space, fire, water, air and land to man, aiming at benefits of mankind.

Role of Vaastu Shastra in our lives

Today, with the shrinking world, and the ever-evolving changes around, people are struggling to strike a balance in their lives. Vaastu Shastra gives a direction for life, bringing in positivity in all the areas of our lives. The increasing the positive energy around can ward off the negative energy, thereby filling in our lives with happiness and prosperity.

10 Easy and simple Vaastu Shastra tips for homes

  1. Light your house brightly. Open the curtains and let the fresh air flow in.
  2. Use holy symbol of Swastik or Om at the entrance.
  3. Discard unwanted things. Declutter up your home periodically.
  4. Do a little chanting of hymns. If possible, do it aloud.
  5. Hang a wind chime.
  6. Light incense sticks.
  7. Hang some soothing pictures on the walls.
  8. Place the furniture in the right places.
  9. If not an elaborate one, perform a brief pooja in the house.
  10. Keep your house neat and clean.

The bottom line is to lead a peaceful life. Following the above simple tips, we can ease our lives, be it our career, education, marriage, business or relationships. Today, with the world inclining towards spirituality, Vaastu Shastra has been practiced by everyone from all walks of life. Vaastu Shastra has touched every area, right from purchasing land, to construction, from placement of furniture to mirrors.

Let us make the four walls of our abodes strong by following easy Vaastu Shastra tips for homes! Simple Feng Shui practice too can be helpful.  Do we consider it as a part of the spiritual journey?

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