‘Three wishes’, the prompt of this weekend dived me down my memory lane, from childhood days to my recent past. It took quite some time to pen down these lines. I figured out that there was not one wish but many, depending on my phases of life. As a child, I wished to be my parents’ most loved one. And then, it was all about my good scores. As I grew, it was getting into a job, and then was meeting my prince charming.

But now when I look back, all those wishes seemed not so significant ones or maybe I feel so because I was blessed to have all those fulfilled. To add on, three lovely kids gave me a feeling of fulfilled life. But again, this very prompt of three wishes mocked me with a question, was it all that you had wished for?

The simple reason I could only thing of, was my upbringing. One regret I felt was for not having independence to decide as my life before marriage was dominated by my parents and then by the demands of my family – my spouse and kids. Midst of these, an unsatisfying career came my way. However, living through my days juggling between my roles, all I was left with was enduring. But then, the frustrations were brewing to the brim. It was then a strong feeling of breaking the barriers took over me and I realized I had to change to live a life of my choice.

It was precisely then, I started to think about my wishes. But by then, coming a long way, I had missed my boat. My career had ended. I was in my mid-thirties. I felt shattered having left with nothing at that juncture of my life. That was how it was meant to be. I kept sailing unanchored.

But, me being the one who doesn’t easily give up on anything and who is a firm believer that life has something in its store, was all eyes and ears. As days and months rolled into years, with two years passing by, my 24×7 indulgence in parenting triggered a writer in me. I started writing. I realized I had to learn some patterns. My learning process began with me reading everything I lay my hands on. And in a year’s time, I had come up with some pieces of writings based on daily instances that had sprung up with my overwhelming emotions. What if I put those in a chronological order? I found myself questioning during one of my early morning contemplation. And with it, my first book emerged. My continued motivation urged me to come up with the second.

I had altered my life. My life now had a purpose. Confinement between four walls while I wrote added an exercise routine to my days. And the little breaks between writing I took were used to cook the favourites of my kids. A routine for days and weekends established.

The three wishes I yen for now are:

1.To keep up my writings and the routines going.
2.To fulfill my new wish list (The one which I do not wish to share as I believe, if said, it tends to lose its intensity)
3.To try my hand at different writing styles.

Apart from the above, there is one important element on which my heart is set on – to know why certain events happen in our lives, why we come across certain people in life, what makes us choose what we choose.

No matter what it takes, this is one cardinal wish I have an itch for, for the year 2017.

How do you think can explain why certain things happen in our life? Does studying astrology help?

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