We often have the misconception that some children are born to excel.  While some children do not have what it takes to succeed in life. What we are judging when saying so is their results, probably academic. We should instead acknowledge and encourage their true capacities. Every child has the potential to succeed immensely in life, albeit in their own way.  Focus on kid’s potential and help them tap their capacities.

The basic thing we all know is that kids mostly pick up habits and practices at home. They adopt similar behavior as their parents and that can hugely impact the child’s attitude and tendencies. Parenting plays an irreplaceable role in honing their child’s outlook and approach towards life as they grow up. Parents act as the young one’s role models and can effectively help build their self-confidence.

Here are three important steps on how to focus on kid’s potential to aid in their road to success.

1.   Reading habits

Reading is an extremely beneficial habit and the importance of developing healthy reading habits in children cannot possibly be overstated. Encouraging your children to become avid readers from a young age helps them do better academically.  It also imparts incomparable knowledge and hones the habit of grasping or learning new things. Reading also nurtures the creativity of a child and helps develop a healthy outlook and approach towards life in general. Inculcating reading habits in children can be a key to your child’s bright future ahead full of learning and development.

2.   Self-confidence

Nothing boosts the self-confidence of a child more than an active support and encouragement from the parents. Not all kids are academically inclined and they might have different areas of interest – sports, music, arts or anything else. Never discourage a child from actively participating or pursuing their dreams just because it might hamper their academics. Help them chalk out a good balance between the two. More importantly, ensure that you support and push your child towards their areas of interests. Encourage them to follow their dreams. You might have had other plans for their future. But let them choose what they want to do in life and nothing can stop their success. Building their self-confidence from an early age to chase their aspirations is a great way to tap their capacities.

3.   Support

Everyone makes mistakes, even as adults. Expecting kids to never fail is wrong. Moreover, some parents get extremely disappointed if their kids fail in some endeavor and blame the child for being careless. This is the worst thing a parent can do while raising children as every child does mistakes. What the child needs is the parents support even if they fail.  Teach them, help them get back on their feet.  Motivate them to try again and do better. Failure is always a stepping-stone in the path to success and it is important that the parents understand this. Don’t discipline the child by rebuking him, teach him discipline by supporting him instead.

Including household chores in your child’s daily routine and teaching them the value of money can come a long way!

What do you think, apart from the above can help focus on kid’s potential to make them super smart?  Please share your comments.

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