Surprise – Little surprises of nature sometimes go unnoticed

Little surprises that nature shows up go unnoticed many a times.  Undoubtedly, it conveys a strong message. To figure out the hint, all it needs is a keen observation what is often overlooked or considered trivial.

On this note, I would like to share with all my readers an instance of my life.  It is about my house and its amazing surroundings in my hometown which is a village named Hegde, in Karwar district, Karnataka.  It is that house, where my life began and I owe a lot to the house that has made me to what I am today.  Firstly, for making me what I am today and secondly, for inspiring me to come up with this article.  The house has its own way of throwing surprises at me even today when I visit.

The surprise starts the moment I step into the house.  It takes me in its comforting embrace vanishing all my worries.  Serenity and peace filled in every corner take me into an altogether different world, which seems to be full of excitement. My day begins with a stroll on the large ground that surrounds the house. The sight of the trees bearing fruits- mangoes, jackfruits, berries, cashew fruits, some raw while some turning into ripe and a few more that are either half eaten by the birds or are decaying, surprise me with lessons of life.

Even the medical plants, add on to it. Back then, a few years ago when I had planted those, I remember, I was desperate in making a daily routine to consume those leafy nutritional herbs.  Because I had seen people who merely depended on these backyard seasonal vegetables.  And so, I had managed to have those in quite a quantity, the mint leaves, the curry leaves, the aloe Vera, the Tulsi shrub along with many other edible plants.  And even today, I prepare delicious and rare dishes using them during my visits.

And the evenings will be a walk on the wet sand of the seashore, watching the roaring waves crashing the rocks.  It is only after the sky turning into dark, I return home half-hearted.

After dinner, I spend time watching the night sky, sitting in the big open space in the front along with my family, spending endless carefree time.  The hot humid air too never seemed to bother me during such times.

During one of my recent visit, as I walked around, the sight of a rare red juicy cashew fruit fascinated me so much that I couldn’t resist myself from clicking shots.  I came back home and picked up my camera and shot a few snaps from different angles.

Later that evening, I uploaded the pictures to my laptop and as I opened the pictures one by one, there was one image that left me speechless.  My camera had captured what I could not see with my bare eyes – a little life hidden in the pulp of the fruit. I zoomed in and kept looking at the amazing little creature that basked in the sweetness of the fruit, enjoying and savouring every bit of it.

Was it an ant or a worm, for a moment, I was confused.  But the very sight had left me wonderstruck.  I just couldn’t stop wondering about the weird ways of nature’s surprise.


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