Strange surprises of Life

‘Thanks to the technology that helped us connect,’ as I typed the words, my thoughts delved deep into my memory lane, taking me back to my good old days of college. The small group of four on WhatsApp was quite a crowd now. A week ago, when I had received a Hi from an unknown number, I was completely clueless. It came to me as a surprise when I identified the familiar face in the profile picture of the contact. From then on, started the never-ending banters.

Twenty-five years has gone by. Nothing has changed, except our age. We are now in our forties, settled.

I read and re-read the messages exchanged for the umpteenth time, scrolling back and forth. For me, I’d say, it was a blessing. Thoughts of reconnecting with old friends or College reunion which once was a dream was now coming true. Apart from work, family, and responsibility, there was now a world of comfort. Strange ways of life throwing surprises!

I now keep checking the messages at frequent intervals, what for me, gives a dose of inspiration and keeps me going.

I wish to dedicate this piece of writing to all my lovely college buddies.

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