It seemed to be one of the longest and scariest nights to her. The heavy rains had engulfed the town by now. Confusions had almost settled.

Perching herself on the balcony railing she glanced in both the directions, the lofty apartment building led to the broad street towards the left and a little away towards the right was the bull oak trees. Amidst the woods, lay the deserted wooden benches flashing before her glimpses of times she had spent with him like a motion picture.

“Please, for once, I beg you, let’s not sit at home watching the cricket. Let’s go out for a walk. It’s been such a boring day.”

“It’s IPL.”

“For just a short while please.”

“No way. It’s an interesting match.”

She always longed for his company during weekend evenings. But for him, it’s the cricket or the news that kept him busy, away from her, away from the family matters.

A strange thrill of hope washed over her when she saw him stir from his deep slumber. The dark lonely night sky was turning its hue to light orange. How would he react upon seeing her body lying in the pool of blood, she worried.

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding

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