One by one, events surfaced as she struggled to recollect.

“Terrace organic gardening!?”

He had questioned her before breaking into ripples of laughter learning about her new-found interest.

“, What’s so funny about it?” she had retorted with a shrug.

“Your interests keep changing so rapidly, so frequently and it’s so diverse,” he had burst into a hysterical laugh startling her out of her reverie. Crossing her arms, she had stood and glared at him waiting for him to quiet down.

She knew this is one of his idiosyncrasies to keep himself away from any weekend activity she came up with.

“You know what, changes are what keeps me going in my otherwise boring life.”

And that was that. None could stop her. Spinach, eggplant, tomato thrived in her tender care in just a month’s time.

Plucking them carefully, that evening, she had preferred to leave a few red ones to contrast the shimmering raw green ones. The weekend whizzed by. He was asleep before his head hit the pillow and she had walked into the balcony. Neither he nor she had any inkling about her rendezvous with the devilish death.

Hovering, watching her lifeless body, she waited.

To be continued…

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