The prompt took me down my memory lane, to my childhood days.  Since long, I had one wish. I wanted to write down my most treasured memory.  But without a trigger, it wouldn’t be possible.  And this very prompt of a boat provoked me to fulfill my wish.

It is about a lake in a remote village named Gokarna which is in Karnataka State in India.  Having born in one of those houses that surround the lake, I am fortunate to witness the sacredness of it.  Visitors from all walks of life, across the world, visit the village throughout the year.  But it is during Shivaratri, one can get to see what divinity and real devotion is.

The shrine located in the center amidst the sacred water stands tall and high.  The access to which is to go swimming on normal days.  But during Shivratri, small boats ply to and fro, dropping and picking up the devotees from the shrine. The water is believed to have crores of water springs and hence the name, Kotiteertha.  It is said, a dip in the holy waters washes away the sins.  One thing, that just cannot leave me are my innumerable boat rides.

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