She raised herself up, holding the railings. The downpour continued from the dark sky. But something amiss! She looked around. The cycles were parked as it was, a while ago. What was happening, her mind struggled to piece the events. Shell shocked, she stood afloat watching her body lying lifeless.


“Give him some time sweetheart. The differences will settle.”

Their conversation ended, thoughts clouded her mind about her children. Her elder darling daughter was completely smitten with her crush. The other two, rebels. ‘I am not a baby, I can pack my bag myself,’ her son had said. And her second daughter, ‘I have my plans for life.’

Placing her cellphone on charging, she looked through the glass. Lightning flashed across the night sky. With the chain of thoughts, sleep eluded her.

Sliding the glass doors, she walked to the balcony, her island of solace. Lights from outside made patterns on his face. ‘Tomorrow,’ he had said, for discussions about kids, about family. But, tomorrow would never come.

She had played her cards right. Kids were now fine young adults. Their pride possession, their cycles were parked, she saw through the rain showers. Drenched, she was rushing indoors.

Photo Credit: Susan Spaulding


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