The car stopped. She got down. He did not seem to stir from his seat. For him nothing had changed. She was only his friend. But her world had turned upside down a while ago when she realized it was only her who fell in love with him. This evening that she had been waiting for long, shattered her life into pieces, crushing all her dreams. ‘Insensitive? Immature?’ questions about him bombarded in her mind.

All she wished at the moment was for him to take his leave as early as possible. She pulled out her bag from the back seat and to her surprise, she saw him standing next to her. He had the same usual cheerful smile but an extra ounce of shine in his eyes. For his new-found love, she could now comprehend.

‘Take care of yourself,’ she said fighting back the big droplets of tears that could stream down. She decided she would never be meeting him again.

‘Good Bye,’ she said. Just as she was about to turn, his arms engulfed her. A moment elapsed wallowing in his warm affectionate hug. She knew that that hug would be her saviour in all her tough times.

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