Parents want their children to learn from their mistakes and accordingly try to discipline them as they are growing up. Most parents confuse discipline as a punishment when their young one does something wrong.  In reality, discipline actually means teaching and learning. Give your child positive attention and help him focus on a target.  Make him aware of your love and concern for him.

Children seek a lot of attention during the years of growing up.  They tend to develop habits or characteristics that draw their parents’ attention towards them more. Positive discipline is always better and much more effective than negative discipline. If a child grows up knowing that his parents will not appreciate or react much to something he does right, but will rebuke them and pay attention to them when they are being mischievous, the child will gradually focus more towards the latter.

Give your child positive attention by following these six ways.

1.   Be Calm

Dealing with children can often be exhausting. At certain moments, it seems like shouting or scolding your child is the best thing to do.  But remember, the behavior you model is the behavior you should expect out of your children as they grow up. Try to keep a cool head when dealing with children. If required take deep breaths or any other tricks that work on calming you down fast. Anger outbursts will give your child an idea that it is a perfectly normal way to communicate.  Being calm even when he does something wrong will make him think otherwise.

2.   Appreciate Good Behavior

Children are often mischievous because they seek attention from you at any cost. If you praise him and appreciate, when he is behaving well, that will keep your child away from bad behaviour.  He will gradually learn what he needs to do to earn your approval.

3.   Consistency

Often parenting is tiring.  It’s because rectifying each and every mistake of a child with a calm head seems extremely difficult. This sometimes results in ignorance when you let some of your child’s mistakes unattended. Letting certain poor behaviors pass will make your child think his behavior is okay and appreciated. Try and address every poor behavior but in a calm and composed way. Consistency is the key to proper parenthood.

4.   Reward vs. Bribe

Bribing is what you basically do to stop your child from incessantly crying or throwing tantrums. Rewards, on the other hand, are when you gift them beforehand. Or let them know that they will be getting something if they behave well. Bribing your child to stop his tantrums will encourage the same behavior when he wants something. Rewards will instead make him work to behave well to earn that little gift.

5.   Punishments

Making a child stand in a corner or any kind of other punishments that we usually impart is meaningless. Instead, impart punishments that are harmless but affect them like not taking them out somewhere when they wanted to.  Skip their favorite chocolate one day. This will make the child actually work for it.

6.   You reap what you sow (as you sow as you reap)

Always remember children pick up their habits from their parents mostly. The way you behave around them and the way you communicate is what they will learn while growing up. Behave exactly the way you would want your kid to behave and parenting will be easy.

Effective parenting has been one of the biggest challenges today.  Imbibing the value of money and by including household chores in their routine you give your child positive attention.  The result is a motivated and an inspired child.

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