You, as parent often include a household chore for your child from an early age. This helps them in their house chores but also keep children busy doing something productive. Parents often sit down work around a chart of daily household chores to keep their kids involved in. More often than not it is to keep them busy, but this reaps immense long-term benefits for the child too. Therefore, Parents who do not involve kids in chores should start doing so!

Let us talk about six reasons why you should include a household chore for your child.

1.   Confidence

Do you often see your toddler trying to stack dishes in the dishwasher or try to help you in gardening? Most parents try to keep their child off by saying they can help when they grow older. Don’t stop them from trying to do something new. Instead, encourage them to help in such daily chores which are not harmful and safe for them under your supervision. This helps a lot in building their confidence and a ‘can-do’ attitude. If encouraged to get things done themselves, kids can grow into confident adults who will accept to take up challenges.

2.   Skills

Involving kids in regular chores around the house hones their motor skills to a great extent. Pulling out the weed from the garden, trying to sweep or cleaning a part of their room, all of these involve physical activity.  It helps them develop physical strength and motor skills in the right way.

3.   Knowledge

You can impart basic knowledge and let them practice things like simple math while helping you out. Ask them to bring you four spoons or pick out five potatoes and watch them learn math in a fun way. Ask them to select things, which start with some letter while cleaning it, and develop a sound sense of alphabet. Inculcating music and dancing while doing daily chores is also a great way to hone their skills and develop creativity.

4.   Team-work

If you have more than one child, let them share chores amongst themselves and interchange their activity now and then. This works fine even if you have a single child.  You can involve him or her to help you out with certain activities. This teaches teamwork. Also changing their work or making them do different chores, not repeating the same chore will not bore them out easily. It teaches them how to be flexible.

5.   Delayed gratification

Children love rewards, treats or anything to look forward to while getting something done. Instead of immediate rewards, inculcate a habit of delayed gratification like pocket money at the end of the week or a special treat.    This will motivate them motivated to do their daily chores. Working for something and finding motivation are crucial in navigating through life.

6.   Discipline

Successful people have a basic difference from the rest – they show up! Irrespective of how they feel about a work at hand, they get down and dirty and ensure it is done. Involving kids in daily chores without fail instills a sense of discipline in them. This will help them shine in education, work, relationships and more or less every aspect of life.

A little amend in daily routine imbibes in them values of life.  To begin with, to include a household chore for your child is the most simple one which also teaches them the value of money giving them their much needed positive attention.

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