When you come out of a relationship, the most important thing is to keep yourself positive. Most of us try but somehow get stuck.  They keep reminiscing about the past – thus making it more and more difficult to move on with normal life. A relationship ends for numerous reasons ranging from mismatched opinions to abuse. Irrespective of what the reason is or how bad the experience was, some people can’t shake off the negativity.  They feel like they are wrecked inside. This can lead to severe depression and stress if they are unable to cope up to the bad experience and find some kind of motivation to get on with life.  It is necessary to put your past behind and look forward to new possibilities.

Here are six simple ways which can help you put your past behind:

  1. Acceptance
    Once a relationship is over, the sooner you accept and come to terms with it, the better. It is over, and nothing can change that unless you both are interested in reconsidering your decision. Other than that, it is by all means over and that you cannot change. If your partner has ended it, things must have really gone bad for him to do so.  If such a decision was by your partner, he might have really wanted to move on. No matter how difficult it is, the best thing to do in a situation like this is to accept that it is over.  And it is the past where you cannot go back.
  2. Reasoning out
    If your relationship ended, it was obviously for a reason. If you ended the relationship for something your partner did, it is normal to start questioning your decisions and wonder what they did was only a mistake. If your partner ended it, you might be thinking that maybe they did so in the heat of the moment. And the reason wasn’t big enough. But none of these thoughts are rational.  They only exist because you are suddenly finding many changes in your life. Don’t try to reason out a breakup.
  3. Block out negativity
    Coming out of a relationship is not always mutual and simple.  It often involves a lot of heated arguments and hurtful things said. Going through those memories and words, after it is over, will act as a hindrance in your daily life. Try to not reflect and remember those words often and block it out completely. This will really help you move on and leave the past behind.
  4. Friends & Family
    Friends and family are the concrete support that you get throughout your life.  While you are busy in your life, got engrossed in a relationship you tend to side track them. Once you are out of a relationship, putting your past behind, spend more time with your family or friends. They will keep you busy and distracted.  They also act as a catalyst in getting over the past easily.
  5. New decisions
    Never try to take new decisions in life, based on your past events or consequences of the past. Let the past be where it is, and focus on the present. New decisions need not necessarily mean the same consequences as before. Keep a clear mind.
  6. Take chances
    Don’t be afraid to grab new opportunities because of a bitter past experience. Life is full of amazing probabilities – take your chances with them and you will never look back.

Slowing down a little in life, and handling your overwhelming emotions wisely can help you heal and ease out to put your past behind.

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