A long term relation is very difficult to end. Compromise is never a solution. With time, as we get to know the person, the negativities come up. We tend to feel the burden of once treasured relation. That person whom we thought to be the most compatible one is turning out to be just the reverse, no more up to our expectations. Yet some of us compromise and keep up with the relation and some try to get over it. Without hurting, walk out of a long-term relation and get over peacefully.

Let’s look at six ways to walk out of a long term relation without hurting:

  1. IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM: It is very important to identify the issue due to which you decided to end the relation. Once you have identified it, you can talk about it to your partner and explain it. You should place your logics clearly. Remember to be logical. Talk face to face and not via phone or email as eye contact helps in explaining things better.Discussing helps to solve a lot of complicated issues.
  2. GATHERING CLUES: Often just discussing may not help you to draw a conclusion. At that point, you can try recollecting events, make a list of them and give examples in order to make your partner understand the reason for your decision. Explain your feeling with supporting clues.Point out the places where the relation lacks and try to explain it broadly. The process is lengthy and it is not possible to sit for one day and resolve the matter. Take time to explain each detail carefully.
  3. AVOID DEBATE: Try not to get into a debate or show rage. It is always important to handle a situation patiently. During the conversation, if you find your partner heading towards debate avoid it by keeping quiet. Try not to argue as it complicates the situation. Avoid a third party entry during the conversation. This helps discussion avoid unnecessary complications.
  4. KEEP CALM: Being hyper never solves any problem. The person on the other side may not agree with you or may always have a different outlook about the whole thing. But keep calm and try explaining. Shouting or being hyper will worsen the situation. If you are being accused try placing your view politely and try accepting your shortcomings before pointing out at your partner.
  5. BE FIRM: Stick to your decision and be firm about it. Your partner may give his/her best to convince you emotionally or physically but stick to the point. Use your patience and rigidity as your strength. Convince yourself first only then can you convince your partner.
  6. TAKE HELP: At times if situation worsen and you find that things cannot be done peacefully you should opt for support. Rope in any of your close ones or family members to deal with the matter.

The above simple yet effective ways can help not just you but your partner too, to walk out of a long-term relation and get through the hard times without much difficulty.  Next time, do not forget to value yourself in a relationship.  Place yourself and your priority first and then should come the others and their priority, no matter what comes your way!

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