I was once advised by my professor to maintain a personal diary. According to her, that way, one could talk to oneself without disturbing anyone. Whatever you have done throughout your entire day, if written down somewhere, helps you to analyse your actions. For example, if you do something impulsively and don’t really give much thought to it then, you can think about it once you write it down. Self-reflection helps to understand yourself and your problems, starting from your weaknesses and your positive aspects. This practice not only makes you confident, but also a better individual – something we all want but don’t know where to start.

Here is why and how of self reflection:

  • By self-questioning
    Maybe, you had an argument with someone. While returning home and looking out the window, you begin thinking about it – reflect upon it and visualize the whole scenario again. While you do that some aspects start striking you; some questions start cropping up in your mind – “Why did I do this?” or “Why did I say that?” These questions help you to analyse the whole situation in a tranquil state of mind. If you feel that you have done something, which you want to revoke, you can always go back and try to make things better, because, life “always” gives you a second chance, only if you look for it.
  • By boosting your self-confidence
    A perfect individual is one who has the precise knowledge of both their strengths and weaknesses. Self-contemplation boosts self-confidence. Once you start thinking about your weaknesses, you will automatically find an answer to deal with that. And once you have it, well, you are already on the path to victory. All you need is your relentless efforts and a group of people to motivate you.
  • Brings in new thoughts
    Introspection alters you as a person (Of course in a better way)! Suppose, you have been called on stage to deliver a presentation that your team has prepared. You stumble, stammer, and lose your continuity because of the audience ogling at you. You’re extremely embarrassed at the end of the presentation and return home dejected. When you retrospect, a lot of that shame comes back. On the other hand, you also realise that it is not your fault at all. You learned an invaluable lesson that to become a good public speaker you need to practice well and be confident. Thus, you become determined for improvement and thus change for the better.
  • Helps you in self-search
    Self-reflection helps you to pinpoint the things that make you happy and thus fills you with positivity. After a day out with a group of people, you can always introspect on whether it was a memory that you want to cherish or a not so important one that you would eventually discard. Anything that remotely brings about negativity or negative thoughts in your mind can be disastrous for healthy living. A bad relationship, an accident, few broken bones or a broken heart – all of it and any other emotionally tragic memory can be successfully discarded by talking to someone. You might not completely forget about it, but the physical and emotional pain both can be soothed.
  • Helps your realize
    Self-reflection makes you way more mature, and you start feeling calmer than ever even when things are spinning out of control. It helps you to focus and thus increases your work productivity significantly. You realise that not everything is your fault, even when the entire world is against you. And even when you’re wrong, introspection will give you the strength to accept and learn from it. To err is human after all.
  • Changes your perspectives
    Introspection always lets us take better decisions as we learn from our mistakes. Experience teaches a lot – but just going through a situation is not what enlightens you or makes you very knowledgeable. Unless we learn to analyze and discern the magnanimity of an event, we will never change for the better.

Writing down your reflections on the events of your day ends up becoming bittersweet memories when you turn the pages years later, sitting on a couch with a cup of coffee by your side. It is probably one of those rare memories, you can consciously make by self-reflection. And the outcome is a meaningful and fulfilling life and a successful life.

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