Silence, a deafening silence
Scaring me to the core
Losing me from my path, from myself
With every passing event.

Not an unexpected sudden revelation for sure
Definitely not a first-time experience
Silence was already an introduced entity, I realize
All my questions of when, how, what and why find answers effortlessly.

With life passing by, experiences mellowing me
With kids growing up being independent individuals
With my interests, hobbies, and self-importance taking a backseat
Detachment, is it or so I think?

Accepting the transition is tough, but inevitable
The fact that life is a lonesome journey
It is all that is reaping what we sowed
Maturity, acceptance, or going with the flow or Karma?

But, counting on the positives, being an enthusiast
I wish to reason out and shout out loud
Not to anybody but to myself
Your time has begun now, live life to your tunes.

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