We come across different types of relationships in our lifetime and connect on different levels. With each one we connect, our emotions and expectations differ. More often than not, we miss the fine blur and mess up our lives. However understanding the limitations each relationship entails, we can save ourselves from losing the dearest ones of our lives.

Here are the basic types of relationships we experience in our lifetime grouped into dominant patterns.

  1. Acquaintance
    Acquaintances are the ones who may just pass our way or sometimes continue to be with us for some time. Dealing with acquaintances does not demand much. There is always some space between the two. Things are very simple and easy without much expectation.
  2. Friend
    This is one such person with whom we love to spend some time with. There, of course, are expectations; a lot of expectations but often has its own way to excuses. The connection level is deep and with a lot of emotional investment. However, over time, it can diminish.
  3. True Friend
    This person never can judge us. They raise above all their significant other’s expectation levels or many a times expectation does not come on their way. Sharing a strong chemistry, it needs nothing much to nurture. Rather it is already an overgrown relationship, which can never have an end. It is that one, who comes to our mind when we are in our toughest times. True friends are treasures.
  4. Partner
    A partner is a companion with whom we share a bond largely. The bond shared differs as its very definition changes from person to person. Some refer to a person with who they are associated closely with sharing a responsibility, be it at work or at home.
  5. Soul Mate
    When a connection with a person is on many levels, he/she is a soul mate. The connection encompasses all the emotions. One seeks a friend, a lover, a companion, a partner, a guide, a philosopher in a soul mate. There is a strong bond between the two with a deep and natural affinity, love, and intimacy.
  6. Kith and Kin
    These are the ones with whom we connect by blood. This is one such relationship that is difficult to explain and it is beyond anybody’s imagination. It always comes with a big package of expectations and hence the most stressful relationship.
  7. Eternal Friend
    Two individuals share a lifetime bond. Even if they separate on their paths and are no longer in touch, the bond they shared is intact. They can lapse on to the same comfort with each other as they were years ago. It needs no communication or commitment to keep it going, rather a strong bond keeps the two together.

In over daily lives, while on our go, we often tend to forget the limitation and cross the fine line. Obsession and possessiveness come on our ways. Giving in to the temptations, we impose and try to control our significant other. The result, our beautiful bond shared is at stake.

Apart from all the above types of relationships, there is yet another special bond. It is not between any two of the people, rather it is with one own self. It is a fantasy world where only one involves. Considering their significant other in their dream world, tuning them as per their requirement, giving the delicate bond a meaning, one is on a path of self-development.

For any relationship to survive, it has to be looked after with care and nurtured.

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