The ‘2016’ journey, the blissful journey will soon be a gone by. The countdown has already begun. With the time ticking, the moment is fast arriving to say goodbye what for me is never easy, mainly for two reasons. The first simple reason is, it makes me feel older. Secondly, it shortens my life span. However, I have to accept it as that is the very nature of life.

As I reviewed the year this morning, I regretted not having achieved some of my targets. Why I questioned myself. I could figure out that it was the changing priorities that off tracked me. But again, my analytical mode took over saying, if I had really wished I could have had fulfilled my targets. A debate between my mind and heart went on for some time till it dawned on me that everything happens for a reason. All I am left with now is to let off 2016 to embrace the new year, with new resolutions.

Like me, I am sure there are others out there regretting not having achieved their targets for the year. Change in priorities, a shift in focus, distractions, could be some of the reasons, some come up with, while for others it could be the unmotivating days. If you find yourself nodding at what you are reading now, then go ahead and try out the following method to be a better version of yourself in 2017.

• Make a list of all your resolutions, both short term and long term along with a tentative schedule.
• Plan your course of actions, day wise and month wise.
• A realistic and reasonable expectation of yourself is vital.
• Ticking it each day as you accomplish can keep you intact with your plans, motivating you for your next step.
• Start each day with a plan. Make a daily to-do list and keep reminding yourself.
• Be flexible with yourself. If required, revise and alter your plans.

And in a week’s time, when you see yourself successful, nothing can stop you. You are simply lead by your goals. Alongside, we need to keep in mind the below mentioned points.

• As I said earlier, everything happens for a reason. There is no point in regretting not having fulfilled your targets, rather accept the fact to move forward.
• Not all the days can be successful. Just as the two faces of a coin, there are both productive and non-productive hours in our days. The ambiance around too has their influencing powers. Hence, going easy on ourselves is important.
• We often fall into the pattern of comparing our life to that of others what stops us moving ahead. Let’s understand and admit that we all have different temperaments and react very differently to a situation. And hence, a comparison cannot fetch us anything.
• At times, when we feel we are off track from our goals, we tend to overdo and compensate for the lost times what can leave us with overwhelming emotions. Staying calm is important.
• Take your time. Work on one at a time. A year’s target cannot be met overnight. Each day’s actions add on. In the process, hurdles come by. This is the most crucial time when most of us let loose ourselves getting carried away. Take charge.
• Take breaks. Pause. When you find stuck, pull yourself completely out of the scenario and try to work on other tasks to be attended. And then come back. You’ll be surprised to see yourself with a new perspective. All your impossible becomes possible.
• Remember to end your day taking positive counts and don’t forget to pat yourself for every success.

The bottom line: Each one of us strives to be a better human being. Our lifestyles encounter us with different experiences at different phases of life. Each day is a new experience. And with each experience, we learn lessons and become experts in our own ways of dealing, be it a problem, ourselves or our life.

So, if you ever find yourself cribbing or complaining or regretting or even feeling a lack of motivation, or seem to be lost, simply understand that you are on our journey and in the right direction, seeking what you are looking for. Remember, life for each one of us has surprises in its store. It, indeed is a long beautiful journey, if only we make it. And there are no set rules or shortcuts.

Let’s get ready to greet 2017.

Good luck.

I am writing for #FlashbackRefreshed activity at forfoodiefamily in association with Sandy’s Bake Studio

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