Every man should know about women some certain basic things based on observation. What annoys a woman and what makes her happy is a whole different level of debate altogether though. We often hear men claiming that it is very difficult to understand women. Although it is unfathomably naïve to categorize all women as similar, there are some concrete aspects which apply to more or less most women. Men have time and again tried to decipher the little giveaway signs which can help them understand women better. Some succeed while most fail.

Let’s go through seven simple things every man should know about women:

1.      Appreciation

Women love appreciation and very specifically the ones directed towards them and not for women in general. Nothing makes a woman happier than her man praising her for however big or small a reason. Similarly, nothing annoys a woman more than her man even remotely praising another woman. The key is to tread carefully in matters like this.

2.      Little Things Matter

While praising her works great, it pairs up amazingly with little tokens or gestures of love. Whether a man showers gifts on her or not does not really matter to a woman, more than the man showing his true love and care by little gestures and small tokens of love. Flowers, a surprise visit, or even a kind meaningful message can charm her incredibly.

3.      Listen!

Unless you are asked to, do NOT suggest women how to fix their problems. When they are sharing their problems or just talking about a bad day at work, what they are basically asking is for you to be a good listener. Women like being heard and prefer support and validation more than advice.

4.      Be Calm

That phrase is exactly what you should not say to a woman if you actually want her to calm down. If a woman is worked up, be very careful about the words you choose. Saying ‘Relax’ is the worst possible thing you can do to calm her down. It is like a trigger that you do not want to activate, particularly when she is stressed out. You have to handle such issues with utmost care and patience.

5.      Pamper

Women love being pampered – not necessarily with gifts. A man taking that extra step in making his woman feel special and cared for is highly appreciated. As long as you can make your woman feel wanted and loved, as long as you can bring a smile to her lips every now and then. With small acts or gestures though, she will be content.

6.      Chivalry

Being chivalrous is one of the best things men can do to be in the good books of women. Women really admire chivalry and no matter how independent and fiercely modern she is, a little old-school chivalry is always appreciated. But then again, be overly chivalrous and you might end up offending her, making her think she is incapable of doing anything on her own. Maintain a balance – confusing and tough maybe, but hey! That’s how life is.

7.      Comparison

If you ever thought you can compare qualities or as a matter of fact anything about your woman with another, you have no idea how haywire that can go. Women hate comparison. Hence one of the biggest rules to follow is never compare her with another woman – Ever!

The above points have all been depicted and analyzed meticulously in my book, ‘A Drop of Dew‘. Every man should know about women the above basic elements, irrespective of what phase he is in his life. Interpretations of love that varies at different stages of life are well narrated.  Go, enjoy your read if it struck any interest in you.

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