Do you feel that your relationship has hit a sour patch? Do you think things are not as wonderful as they once were or how you expected them to be? Don’t worry about it! Most couples have faced a similar situation some or the other time in their life. Love and relationships – very simple to be in one and yet very complicated to maintain at times. With time, most couples often hit a rough patch where it seems that romance has taken an unending break from their lives. Intimacy and romance are essential in a relationship and, time and again couples must try to reignite the spark and connect with their partner.

Here are seven powerful ways to reignite the spark in your love and romance.

  1. Quality time
    The most overlooked yet the most important aspect of a relationship is how much time you are spending with your partner exclusively. With work, daily chores and gradual fatigue in the relationship, more often than not people tend to forget what it is like to spend some exclusive time together. Try to switch off everything else once in a while and take some time off and do something you both love. No work, family, friends, social media or anything – Just some exclusive time for just the two of you to connect.
  2. Learn something
    Take a new class together or try to learn something new together. Many couples opt for things they always wanted to do but could not. Cooking, dance lessons, scuba diving or learning a new language – it can be anything as long as it is new to both of you. Spending some quality time together trying to learn something new will not only help you re-connect but also give you some amazing memories while honing a new talent.
  3. Surprise
    Plan a surprise date. Take your partner out to their favorite restaurant or plan a movie date together without prior planning or even just a long walk. No matter how long you have been together, surprise plans and dates can help a great deal in helping you both reconnect and create some nice memories.
  4. Gifts
    Try gifting your partner something or the other now and then. This does not mean you have to keep buying something expensive every now and then. Gift them tickets to their favorite sports game or buy them flowers and chocolates. Even a simple card once in a while or a simple token of your love will work wonders. It is the idea of spontaneous gifts and the effort you make to bring a smile to their face that counts.
  5. Messages
    Leave small stick-me notes around the house or with their lunch. Write short messages or drop them a text message letting them know you are thinking of them. These small gestures can help keep your romance alive.
  6. Communicate
    One of the most overlooked things in a relationship. It is extremely important to take a little time off every day to just sit and talk to each other. Ask how their day was or share about your events of the day – communication is the key to making or breaking a relationship. No exceptions.
  7. Getaway
    Plan a small or long vacation with your loved one whenever you can. This keeps you away from everyday responsibilities and can reignite the lost spark in your love immensely.

Understanding the stages of a relationship can help you handle your relationship better.  Rough patches creep in though.

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