Choosing to be a homemaker is never easy as it sounds. Moreover, to be a perfect homemaker, a lot goes into the equation. The job of a homemaker comes with a baggage of responsibilities – from looking after household to looking after kids, from shopping groceries to laundry, from dusting to cooking; the list can go on and on, unending.

Grown up with the condition that house is the first domain than the careers, women strive to be perfect homemakers. If it is your conscious choice to be a homemaker then you are well for it, heading on. However, demanding situation compels some unlucky women to become homemakers. Whatever the case is, the transition is tough. However, things have to change for a bigger start of something. As a first step, let us grab the opportunity knocking at our door.

Here are seven tips to become a perfect homemaker:

Every woman’s dream is to have a perfect home. A point well understood, it is only a woman who can bring up her family in the best possible way. Homemaking is not a rocket science. It is a learned skill and when practiced religiously can give tremendous result over time. Go for it!

1. Initiate the drive:

Take charge of all the responsibilities. Do not hesitate or fear.  Apply the skills you have learned during your childhood watching your mother work. When she can manage without the luxury we are enjoying today, why can’t we? Start with one small step each time.

2. A little of planning is essential:

Managing is most importantly balancing between the priorities. You need to tweak a little in your routine if you have to focus on one activity. Have a schedule for every week. Maybe, Sundays can be used for that extra cleaning and dusting.

3. Always find time for yourself:

You need to be motivated every day and the enthusiasm has to reflect in your work. To be so, you need to find out some time for yourself. Enjoy your time. It may be reading a novel or watching your favourite soap operas, or even catching up with your friend. Become your own inspiration.

4. Work on your passion and hobbies:

Recollect your good old childhood days and figure out what you loved the most. Maybe painting, or sketching or dancing or singing or cooking. Enroll yourself for the classes. Learning not only keeps you energized, it helps you reach your destiny faster than you have imagined. After all, with the lessons you learnt while managing your house, family, and kids, you now have patience and maturity.

5. Rather than depending on others, be with yourself:

When you expect any compliment, you can never get one, especially from our loved ones. Such little matters most for you. Do not let it you down. Hence, be with yourself and do not forget to treat yourself for the wonderful lunch you prepared. You have achieved something great! Look good and feel good about yourself.

6. Team up with your family members:

Delegate responsibility to your partner and share the household with your grown up kids. Even toddlers can be of great help if we discipline them. Stick on to the family rules. Do not let anyone overrule your emotions. Be smart and get your work done.

7. Keep learning new things and let be the spark:

Routine is something that sucks for women who generally spend most of their time confined to the four walls of the house. Life of a homemaker revolves around the family and hence boredom can hit anytime. Try your hands at new things. Lucky some find their true calling and start their career. Let us be one of those!

The world is yours and the choice is yours. Opportunities are everywhere—waiting to be seized by you. Enjoy your share of joys being a perfect homemaker.

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