Holidays are something we all look forward to – children and adults alike. With all the time in hand, holidays serve as the best time for parents to bond with their children. While parents love to let their inner child out during holidays and spend time with their young ones, the children can be quite a handful at times by getting them do some household chores because of boredom or lack of interesting activities to keep them busy.

Parents who thrive to find some or the other productive alternatives to keep their child busy during the holidays, can try these seven amazing things.

  1. Arts & CraftsStocking up on provisions for arts and crafts can come in very handy to keep your kids engaged during holidays. Coloring books and a whole array of crayons are good enough to keep children engrossed for hours. Needless to say, it’s a very productive and healthy habit too and helps them develop a gradual knack and appreciation in arts as they grow up. Craft kits or DIY ideas are also an amazing way to keep your child playfully involved while you can teach them little things to do themselves.
  2. Camping & PicnicsIt is not necessary that you have to take a trip exclusively to go camping somewhere or go far out for a picnic. Simple ideas like building an indoor fort or making a small tent out in the backyard or garden can make your kids gleefully vanish into them for hours. It is amazing how much a tent in your garden, with a mattress, torch, and food packed from the fridge can do. Arranging camps or small picnics in and around can be a healthy way of teaching your child to appreciate nature while giving them a wonderful pastime.
  3. SwimmingParents who stay close to the beach know the importance of going for a swim with their kids every now and then. Not only do the kids enjoy the water and gradually learn swimming, but also the calming effect the sea can have on children is amazing. It’s also a great way to be out and about in nature, meet people and spend healthy outdoor time. If you don’t have a beach in the vicinity, you can enroll your kid for swimming lessons or just tag along to a nearby pool. Swimming also consumes a lot of their energy, which means less mischief once they are home.
  4. MusicMusic as an integral part of growing up can be crucial to children. Get hold of some musical instruments, and sit down for jamming sessions with your kid. You can let some music play for a while every day too if you don’t have an instrument. Incorporating music in children’s lives from a young age can be really fruitful.
  5. Cooking or BakingIf you cook regularly, ensure you involve your children too once in a while. Most children are very curious and if you let them help you whip something up in the kitchen, they will not only be happily engaged but also look forward to it. It also hones some irreplaceable skills in them – one baby steps at a time.
  6. ScrapbooksEncourage your child to make a scrapbook and maintain a daily input of stories, thoughts, paintings or photographs into it. Help them with it initially and gradually let them show their creativity. It’s a very healthy habit and years from now, they will also have a book full of some amazing childhood memories. Focus on their potential and groom them.
  7. ChillIt’s the holidays and both you and your children need to take a break now and then. Do not stress too much on planning and executing their daily activities. Occasionally unwind by having a relaxing day with your kid. Read to them, or watch a movie together and get the much-needed energy boost.

Do share your suggestions on how to keep your child busy during holidays and gainfully engaged.

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