Self-absorbed or Self-obsession?

Mrs. L was waiting for this day
A big day indeed for her
A weekly outing with friends
Who all are more than a decade younger to her
For self, she looks way too young for her age.
One of her new online collections
Always waiting to be flaunted.

As luck would have it,
Even at 50, not a strand of hair has turned gray
Diet is what she makes clear to people around
To gorge in fruits, vegetables, and nuts at regular intervals.

Every woman she passes by
She has a comment
Either about their looks or their dressing style
It even comes down to minutia at times
The Complexion comes first, and then the features.
But always ends up with the standard conclusion
The softest and the flawless complexion possessed is none other than her
Her perfect pear-shaped figure and her fair skin are pitch perfect for any outfit.
All in all, she alone is the most perfect adorable piece.

A glass of warm water with lime or honey or a dip tea
Followed with the other set of morning chores
The clock may stop ticking but not her devised routine
Dot 8’o clock, she is all set to hit the gym.

Scurrying, she believes is the style of high-class people
Of businessmen, because she is a proud ‘Bijness uman
Hyper confidence oozes out of her when she does yoga after gym.
And she has the right
From XXXL to L was indeed a long eighteen-year journey
Pouring out bucks wasn’t easy too.

Having made it up, from yex yex yel to yes and then to yem
Now maintaining the yel was quite a task
She is now an expert, giving pieces of advice to each one she comes across
Whether the person needs it or not, she is least bothered.

A know-it-all, the most only knowledgeable person she is
For herself.
About anything and everything she has vast information
Voicing out her suggestions, opinions, and discussions
She thinks is her responsibility.
For her, she is the only one who is always right in every way.

On this D-day, she looked perfect
Eyebrows lined perfectly with the pencil
A small black bindi at the limited small center between the brows
Mixing shades of lipsticks, the eyeshadow too was perfect
The eyeliner was uneven, and the lipstick smudged
It did not matter much to her
She prefers to be Eng at heart
And so is always surrounded by eng gals.

She looked at herself for one last time in the mirror
Double checking the plans of her dressing style
Pride swelled inside her
Her bulbous arms squeezed themselves perfectly
Without much effort this time
Just a little plump she said to herself
And even the legs into the leggings
Just fit in perfectly, with little of bulge and arch
And her straightened hair, uff!
Admiring her reflection head to toe
‘Smashingly ravishing, what chance do the rest have now?’
She said to herself.

The delectable show was now out
In the crowd, among the large circle of friends
She was all praises with approval smiles
Absorbing it all, she lapped up with a big smile.

Soch, she says slowly emphasizing the round of the O in the word
And the other one I wore last week was from Myntra
She volunteers though none questions
There still are a few more trendy ones, she adds on
Her dragging words with intonation with sugar-coated sweetness
never goes unattended.

Showing off her ample curves
Posing for the pictures, pouting or pretentious innocence
A lop-sided smile or show just the right amount of teeth
What she believes brings out the perfect picture of hers
Which soon becomes the profile pic of her WhatsApp for the next few hours.

All the pictures always have two versions
One with shades and the other without
And the backgrounds too are fixed
Either leaning to the tree outside or at the exit door
Which for her seem to give a posh and colourful background.

But there always is that one odd out in the crowd
Who always is quick on the uptake
She wishes to tell Mrs. L
Each one has their own battles and struggles in life
And to survive and be successful they have their own ways of living
Just like you.
Instead of being judgmental about others
Let’s look at our own flaws and improvise ourselves.

But choosing to be silent the odd one intends to wait
Until her tolerance level permits
For the odd one is well aware
How self-obsessed Mrs. L is!

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