Raising an adopted child is full of challenges all the time.  It can never end. The battle is an ongoing task for the parents and the child as well, be it the daily routines or any other tasks that come on the way.  Undoubtedly, as a parent, you will witness unpredictability and uncontrollable situations at every step.  Infant adoption, toddler adoption, and adopting a school going child, or even a teenager, among the four stages of adoption many go for toddler adoption.   They feel it is a lot easier than others are. However, parenting differs. It is better to know the pros and cons of adopting toddlers before plunging into a decision.

Toddler age is the most important part of a child’s life as it is the time for the kids to learn from what they see and hear around them.  They learn to talk, stringing up the right words.   The surroundings and the people around can have a profound influence on the child. Moreover, parents too can have the most joyous time, watching the little one grow, talk, and walk.

The pros of toddler adoption are:

  1. An easy start of the parenting journey.
  2. No sleepless nights, diaper changing and no overwhelming feelings of newborn stages.
  3. The child is able to express better and is able to respond.
  4. It can be fun bringing up a toddler. You are able to predict the child.
  5. You as a parent can get to know the child emotions better.
  6. It is the age where the child picks up the behaviours. Parents being the role model, the child easily learns to imitate the parents, picking up their styles.
  7. The child can easily attach to the parents.
  8. It is easier for the adoptive parents to start working with the child to create the bond.
  9. No much fuss for eating, playing or sleeping, or anything for that matter.  The child can easily fit in the family.
  10. It is possible to train the child in a particular activity integrating fun-based learning.

To sum-up, it is easier to handle the child.

The cons of adopting a toddler are:

  1. You as a parent may miss out the child’s early days.
  2. It may become difficult to change some behaviours of the child
  3. The child may take a longer time to attach with the adoptive parents
  4. There can be attachment problems
  5. The child’s past can come as a potential problem for the adoptive parents
  6. There is every chance that the child may reject you
  7. Transition time can take a long time
  8. Parenting can come stressful.

As every bright side has its dark side, so does adoption too.   However, educating yourself with information, heading with toddler adoption can be fun.

Above all, before setting out on your parenting journey, embrace your decision wholeheartedly.  As rightly said by a great person, destiny has its own plan for each of us.  Undoubtedly, parenting in itself is a big responsibility.  Patience is the vital element, be it a biological child or an adopted child.

To know more read ‘Over the Rainbow‘ which not only takes you practically through the adoption journey but also gives you practical guidelines to parenting.  No matter how prepared you are, be sure,  uncertainties and unpredictabilities crop up what you tend to take it as something normal. To name a few, attachment problems or eating disorders may surface in the initial stages.

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