Do you ever exist?

The silent screams
The shackled freedom
The ignored passion
Fairly counting on every happening
The soul has trodden paths.

Fulfilling every responsibility
To the best of its ability
Some smooth, some rough while some challenging
Silencing a billion voices
That up roared ‘Do you ever exist?’

The soul couldn’t fathom then,
That life had aims, goals, and deadlines
Which will all be soon lost and forgotten.

Each day starting with expectations
Ending with experiences
Self-doubt, inefficiency, and questions plaguing endlessly
The soul sulked, complained, regretted
But kept going
Looking forward to the paths
Alongside was the silent scream, ‘Do you ever exist?’

Yes, I do. Oh yes, I do.
The inner voice is now unheard
Because the soul has grown old
And lost its vision
There is now no definite path

But what about the habit
Of walking path after path
And the scream ’Do you ever exist?’
Cultivated over the years?

The soul continues to sail
Now, unanchored
Looking forward to some hope of a path
And so, is the unheard scream, ‘Do you ever exist?’
The soul never knew what was it that never existed
But one thing for sure it knew, it did know
There was something more.

A path to live the rest of the life
With some purpose for self
A little peace
To attain everlasting serenity
Forever and ever in the pitch dark out there
There always were subtle hints
That beckoned the soul
The very existence of the void.
Void, the only reality
That never ceased to exist no matter what.

How futile!
How fragile!
How pointless the journey of life is!

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