Do you too feel…

Is it only me or do you feel too
The strange unrest,
A deep sense of dissatisfaction,
The missed chances lost opportunities
Life, so unhappening.

The unsettling, unfulfilled and unsightly
Emotions, incidences, facts, and questions
The rage it holds
And the power it comes with
Hovers vacuuming hours, days and life.

When dwelled upon dawns
The harsh truth of realization
Along with comes in the ugly realities of life
It was all reflections of my choices and decisions
As simple as that!

Was it the limited options
I was offered, I wonder
Though the unlimited opportunities
Talked, heard and read about
I am sure, I have fooled myself.

The perpetual Grass is greener syndrome
I suffer dives me deep
Into the worlds of inferiority, insecurity
Analyzing and overanalyzing
I end up being analysis paralysis.

Unable to neither exit the situation nor endure
Neither express my displeasure nor take it
I lose myself, the relationship I share with myself withers
Leave apart the relationship I share with people around
I dissolve into nothing wallowing in self-pity.

But can I leave it to take control of myself?
Can I be dissolved into nothing?
Can I afford to not support myself?
What about that beautiful self-made individual who rouses up to this day?
Do I have the right to abandon the one who I nurtured so endearingly?

The rejects and destitute
Brewing for hours to days finally converge
With all its might, it pulls me out
And I am all set to dig deep ferociously
To churn out my strength from depths.

Purging out the unwanted I get spotlessly clean
To start afresh a new start
And out comes a new outcome of creative ideas
To be written, to be read and to be reached out to readers
I am sure, this is nothing but a spark of inspiration!

Ending up in such situations repeatedly
Now, has wafted me to a new world of discovery
The unseen details and dimensions of life
And I am in for the addiction shamelessly
Because the reward is beyond my wildest imagination.

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