Parenting – Little things in our daily lives matters the most

Parenting Case Study:

Siri is a homemaker, married to Venkatesh and is a mother of two girls, Megha and Soumya. Both the girls are brilliant in whatever they choose to do. Megha was a third-year medical student while Soumya was in twelfth. Having been brought up in a conservative family, the couples socializing and participating in the society events were limited. But, they did not stop their daughters who enjoyed their little circle of friends. Communication was always to the bare minimum between the couple and with the children too. While Siri, from morning to evening would manage her household chores, Venkatesh would be busy in his office.

Megha, being the elder one was the first to move away from home in the pursuit of her medical course. Soumya grew silent and withdrawn without Megha around. She started to avoid being in the house in the evening and hung out with friends. And as soon as she is back, she would be in her room, and would be at the table only during the dinner. Outwardly, everything seemed fine. But gradually, Soumya distanced away herself from her parents too. Fortunately, for her, with the good score, she was able to get into an engineering course.
Settling in the new ambiance, with new friends and first few months went swiftly. She preferred to visit her home very rarely because she never was close to her mother.

During one of her visit to her home, on one evening, she insisted her mother for a walk along with her. As always, Siri had her evening chores on her priority list, a special dinner preparation for her daughter and accompanying her daughter for a walk wasn’t her priority. Soumya walked back to her room and shut closed the door. It was only after two hours when Siri prepared the table for dinner with all the surprises for her daughter, she noticed Soumya’s closed room. She tried to open but the door was locked. There wasn’t any response to her calls. An hour passed. Venkatesh returned from work. Soumya was up even by then. They had to break open the door. A shock awaited them – Soumya’s dead body hanging from the ceiling.

Analysis :

In the above case, had Siri been a little considerate, things would have been different, one nod to Soumya’s request could have changed the situation. It is believed that the mothers have their sixth sense, especially when it comes to their children. Siri, being the mother, apart from her chore, could have been a little sensitive to know what is going on in the lives of her children.

To conclude:

Fun, transparency, one-to-one time, family time, outings, tours, everything matters to a great extent. Through such small activity, a strong foundation of trust is built in the children. To be loved, cared and valued, is each one’s need. For a child, love, affection, communication and a secure feeling is the base. Sitting down with them and having a heart-to-heart conversation especially when kids turn to teenagers is the only best way to get connected to the children. One affectionate smile or one hug or one nod from a parent can make a big difference in a child’s life.

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