My Reflections on 2016 – Eventful with lot of hurdles…

Happy New year to all my lovely readers. Another year has passed never to return. And as always, a new year has begun with new promises, new hopes instilling us with inspirations getting us on our toes

What would be your idea of evolved human beings?

Born helpless, we are dependent. As children, we learn by watching and mimicking people around us. Social skills, responsibilities, and commitments add on in the subsequent stages. We grow into adults we learn to understand the world

Retrospection : Before I Dive into 2017

As we wade into the exciting first week of 2017, the looming new promises, the new hopes, new aspirations and new goals ahead of us inspire us to take up new challenges. Keeping in view the experiences

Nine ways to unleash your superpowers

Ask a man to mention about his superpowers and you can see him bragging about himself, about his knack for managing his work or about his toned muscles. Ask a woman about her superpowers, you find most

What if questions of our lives?

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks was the book which was due to return in two days. Hurrying with my chores, I occupied my favourite cozy corner in my house. Of course, with a mug

How Does Science and Spirituality Meet?

Since times unknown, the celestial bodies in the sky has fascinated men who time and again have tried to decipher how the stars can help map the events and occurring of future. Men have been intrigued by

Six Important Hindu Festivals and their Mythological Significance

Hinduism is an extremely diverse religion. It has numerous sects, each with their own unique religious practices and methods. Hindu festivals thus are naturally variegated each resembling a different cultural diversity and celebration methods. Festivals in India

What is the importance of Birthstones in Healing Process?

Since ancient times, many historic stories and folklores have validated the use and benefits of birthstones. Birthstones were believed to be enriched with mystical healing powers. Even in today’s world people widely believe that birthstones have immense

Eight Simple Feng Shui Practices for our Daily Lives

Feng shui practices is an age old philosophical practice which inculcates some basic and simple habits to enhance life in more ways than one. A good flow of energy and a properly organized environment can really alter

What is Self-healing and how is it practiced?

Till a couple of hundreds of years back, healing both the mind and body was a standard practice as it was believed a lot of physical ailments stems from the mind too. Self-healing is a prevalent process