Ask a man to mention about his superpowers and you can see him bragging about himself, about his knack for managing his work or about his toned muscles. Ask a woman about her superpowers, you find most of them shying away. Women, often do not acknowledge their superpowers and the simple reason could be their inherent traits to be perfect in every domain. Rather they regret or are ridden by guilt.

But a closer look can reveal a bitter fact that women overpower men in their superpowers. Juggling between roles – a mother, a tutor, a doctor, a guide, a mentor, a psychologist, a friend, a professional, women spend their time in organizing, planning and executing. Multitasking, diplomacy, agility, adaptation, adjustment, undergoing mental, emotional and spiritual extremes, 24×7 availability, 100% perfection, are some of the major domains a woman undergoes on a daily basis while men are born with an inherent trait of focusing on just one task. If not superpowers, what can these abilities be termed as?

While men have the all the privileges of boasting about themselves, women should at least acknowledge their superpowers. So, women, it’s time to take count of all the superpowers and leverage those powers to become your own hero.

How to unleash your superpowers?

1. Often, depending upon the views of others we define ourselves. It is in the power of thoughts. Our minds if consistently focussed on the negatives fail to identify our strengths. And this hides the superpowers in us. But, what if we contradict them and stand up for what we believe?

2. Instead of focusing on who we are, let’s focus on who we want to be.

3. Figure out what do you do the best, most of the time. Do you grab the opportunity to live your strengths every day, question yourself and come out with the answers?

4. Keep reminding yourself, we are much stronger than we think we are. So, rather than waiting for life to give a purpose, let’s give a purpose to our lives and live our dreams.

5. Identify new ways to use your superpowers. It may not be necessarily big, even a small step makes a big difference. Do what you feel is right for you.

6. Strength is opposed to fears and there lie our weaknesses. Try playing the what-if games. It helps you keep going, eventually, starts to shape your dream life around your powerful thoughts. And that gives you a feeling of fulfillment.

7. Make a commitment to do something every day to work on your goals. keep moving forward. As long as you’re moving, be assured of your desired results. Things might deviate from your plans. Obstacles may come your way. Be firm and keep going. Keep reminding yourself that you are nearing success with each step you take.

8. Opportunities have a way of evolving and surprising us when we find the courage to consistently take action. Being practical and logical all the time may not work. You need to wake your crazy self to get creative.

9. Liberate yourselves from your own limitations of thoughts and actions. Remember, one person that always trumps everyone else and helps you be your best is YOU!

These helped me to unlock my hidden superpowers. I became a supermom with my kids turning into teenagers. And in the making, I also became a supervillain. Alongside, I took a courageous step of trying my hand at writing and came up with two books.

I wish all my readers my best wishes to unleash your superpowers.

What do you think are your signature strengths? Share your success in the comments below!


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