Parenthood is one of the important phases in everybody’s life. It is the most precious gift. It comes with a big baggage of mixed feeling in every stage of parenthood. It teaches us life lessons. Without experiencing the emotions of parenthood, life is meaningless. A fulfilled life includes a family with a man, a woman, and children. Some are fortunate to have their replica sharing their flesh and blood, while some people adopt a child.

Below are the nine reasons why people adopt a child

  1. Infertility: Infertility is one of the most common reasons for the couples to pursue adoption. The couples are unable to bear natural children. They choose to become parents through adoption.
  2. Love for children: This is not a common scenario in today’s world.  But, there are a few cases where the love for children is the motive for people to adopt a child.  There are a few who opt for children with special needs too.
  3. Social cause: With the increase in the number of homeless children, couples pursue adoption in building their families. These can be childless couples or couples who already have their biological children, yet expand their family by adopting a child.
  4. Population control: The overflowing population being the matter of concern today, couples contribute to society by choosing to adopt.
  5. Medical complications: Couples with high-risk genetic problems or any complicated health issue go for adoption.
  6. Avoid labour: Childbirth entails a lot of complications throughout the process. If the trimesters for some are the toughest times, it is the labor pain and the complication during childbirth for some others. To avoid complications, women today opt to adopt a child.
  7. Career oriented people: In the fast-pacing world, stuck in the rat race, the never-ending competitions, and the ever-evolving changes around, people today are left with no time. Career, health, and wealth being the three motives of life, people adopt a child to build their families.
  8. Self-contentment: Every stage of life brings in a contentment fulfilling the responsibilities each phase entails. Passing by each phase, gliding through the transition every individual grows and matures. And parenthood is one such wonderful experience that gives meaning and purpose to life. People adopt a child to experience completeness in life.
  9. Experience parenthood: Life at every phase is encountered with challenges. A lot of motivation and hard work goes into the equation. And in the process, people tend to miss out on the little happiness of life. Parenthood with all its challenges comes in with all kinds of mixed feelings, giving one a complete feeling. It has the ability to fill in the emotional voids of life. By raising a child, be it adopted or a biological child, life offers many memorable moments.

Every child born deserves a right to live its life. The reason could be any but the only motive behind adoption is to gift the child a better life. Not everybody can take the bold decision of a lifetime commitment to a child. Only a few kind hearts have the courage for this divine act. Reading the process and procedure and pros and cons of adoption can help you decide.

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