Happy New year to all my lovely readers.

Another year has passed never to return. And as always, a new year has begun with new promises, new hopes instilling us with inspirations getting us on our toes for new targets and achievements. 2016 has now become the past but pulling the strands of the memories, lessons and the experiences, we have to dive into 2017.

A quick reflection on 2016 is a definite guide to our future course of action. And here I go recapping my events of the eventful year:

  • January began with an unexpected twist, a decision to relocate to a new city from a remote village. Then followed a few writing assignments what triggered me to come up with a website for my writing business.
  • February was a month of micro planning with regard to the decision of relocation.
  • March was a time to wrap up. Packing and shifting of the household. March 31st, I stepped into the new city, Kolkata.
  • Settling in the new place took quite a long time, April, May, and June. Exploring and establishing a new routine was fun.
  • In the month of July, I got my blog website revamped. Alongside, started my skin treatment for pigmentation what I had been enduring for years, having stayed in a place where such facilities never existed.
  • My blogging routine established taking it to a new level. I wrote on different topics. I started getting readers. And wonderful comments too.
  • My lifestyle changed for the better. Exercising and spirituality were added to my daily routine. Weekends were relaxing and refreshing with outings and fun, watching movies, eating at restaurants.
  • Visited a few places in and around the city. I did a lot of shopping what I had felt I was deprived of being stuck in a village in Karnataka.
  • December ended with a beautiful anniversary celebration fulfilling another wish of mine – gift of gemstones.
  • There were downsides too along with the special moments what I do not wish to mention because it was only through those hardships, I learnt some of my lessons of life. I learnt to be more patient. I learnt to accept life when things aren’t really under my control. I learnt to sit back and relax. I learnt to say to myself, it’s ok if I am not perfect. It’s absolutely fine to be idle sometimes. I learnt to let go some of the grudges. I realized that when the writer’s block hit me hard, all that helped me was the little breaks. I realized how determined I was to get what I wanted and wished for. 2016 made me a more matured person.

To sum up my year of 2016 in one word, Amazing. And my take on life is, life is a long journey full of surprises. It has its own strange ways to surprise each one of us.

From here on, I start my journey for 2017 taking up my dreams to another level, one at a time.

Thanks to all the people who have visited, liked and commented on the blog so far! I really appreciate it. The wonderful inspiring comments keep me going. Thanks a lot! Feel free to email me for any queries.

Wishing you all the very best for your endeavors.

What were your reflections of 2016 that taught you important lessons of your life?

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