Time flies, doesn’t it? It only feels like yesterday the new year began and we’ve already come to the end of January. Fortunately, the very first day of this year for me began with a boom was on a full swing, keeping me on my toes. This prolonged enthusiasm and my perseverance is something strange for me because I had never experienced these before. The simple reason is my changing priorities.

However, now, having a tight grip on all my plans I feel an urge to venture into something different. And yes, of course, I am sure, with patience, perseverance and hard work, I can achieve my goals. Having come this far, I had my share of experiences of all the emotions. The emotions and experiences have made me what I am today. I proudly say I have mastered the art of dealing situations. Now, when I recollect my past moments I feel helpless and sorry for my younger self that suffered unnecessary stress. Wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self some simple yet significant tips of life. But all I am left with is to settle down telling myself that everything is destined and each one of us has to live our shares of struggles and happiness and learn the lessons of life the hard way.

My lessons of life up until now are:

  • My professional life taught me the corporate culture what entails time management, organizing skill, communication, balance emotions, to be a perfectionist and dynamic ways of approach.
  • In my personal life, fulfilling my roles as a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a daughter, a sister, one important lesson I learnt is, we are always alone and it is only we who has to fight our battles. No matter how hard you struggle to keep your near and dear ones happy, just one fault of ours overpowers all the good things we did to them. The second important lesson is to never expect anything in return. But is it ever possible? The third lesson is, rather than waiting for people to understand us, it’s good to accept them as they are and live our life without tagging those negative people with us, be it spouse or children. Difficult, though, it isn’t impossible.
  • And there are other experiences that taught me, what should be ignored and what should be considered to keep myself peace and calm. It taught me to consider and prioritize my needs along with that of others. It made me realize that I too have my dreams and goals to be achieved without which my life would be meaningless.
  • To sum up, the lessons and experiences of my life redefined my definitions of love, commitment, happiness, and enjoyment. A few years back, life what seemed to be a struggle is now calm and soothing. Each moment and each instance is just a passing phase. Nothing is permanent. Most importantly, it is all an illusion. But to fulfill our responsibilities, we need to be part of this illusionary world.
  • Someone rightly said life starts at forty. But the interpretations vary. For me, I look at it as, life after forty is a life filled with peace and certainty. Learning and exploring what up until forty years had been the way of life has all ended and it is high time to live what we have learnt all these years.
  • Last but not the least, blogging too taught me an important lesson of life – to keep going, no matter what comes my way. To give my best in whatever I choose to do.

I am still learning and there is so much to learn.

What are your lessons of life, do share with me. I would love to know.

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