Today for me seems to be a day of throwback memories. To be precise, what were my lessons of 2016. A bit too early for many of you though. For me, this time seems to be a compelling urge to review 2016 which I believe will soon be a long gone. I, for one was not a kind of a person who would plan or had any new year resolutions. Not because I did not know to plan but because of the constant changing priorities that always dominated me leaving nothing for myself. Neither in terms of time nor emotions. However, for the past two years, I managed to have plans. The strong reason that backed it was my new venture into the writing world what I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams. And from then on, started my little plans for each day and for every month.

Up until 2013 days simply would pass by me. But 2014 whizzed by with me coming out with two books. It was precisely then I realized that I have to plan. 2015 was eventful. I started blogging. Spirituality added on to my routine. I practiced Reiki religiously, using it every day, for every little daily task. It was though a slow year in terms of my writing but then, unknowingly I had created a strong base. My blogging journey had begun.

As 2015 came to an end, there was a big surprise awaiting me- a long-forgotten dream I would say! An unimaginable turn of my life what I had always wished for. For almost twenty years, living a life of a frog in the well, compromising, what had become my way of life was about to change. It was a tough decision but letting go the opportunity would be a foolish act. I took risk of taking up the challenge of relocating to a new city.

With 2016 ushering, life changed. A new lifestyle began. Though, hurdles came by, handling the difficult days was my lesson during the course.

Then followed one of the important tasks that was long pending related to health. The day I landed in the new city, I had begun my homework of researching. With a little of trial and error, there I ended up finding out a right platform.

The lessons of 2016 I learnt was nothing comes by easily. We need to dive in a little to find out our way.

The next on my platter was an unexpected expedition. Me, being a firm believer of Vaastu, had to comply with whatever was provided – a South-facing house. With no option left, I took it upon me to work on some corrections. And the outcome were my regular spiritual practices.

I learnt to believe in my beliefs.

The fourth on my list was to market my self-published books. I got my website redesigned and learnt SEO. The lesson I learnt was that there is no age bar for learning.

The fifth lesson I learnt was about my style of parenting. It dawned on me that there isn’t any need to take so much of stress as I used to. I learnt to let go off some things, going easy on kids and most importantly, on myself. The result was amazing: I was at peace.

Next, comes the most important one, the one that I was procrastinating, the me-time: my exercise time. A long brisk walk added to my routine.

The seventh was to rework on my cooking style. Instead of going heavy on food preparations all the days, I went easy on weekdays with simple food. And the weekends were reserved for some rich and heavy favourites.

The eightth, was to spend as much time as possible with family during weekends, or whenever they were around.

Next, I learnt is to limit myself for unnecessary shopping.

Tenth, no matter what comes my way, I realized that I need to maintain my calm without letting it affect me.

The eleventh lesson is practicing a sound sleep, what otherwise seemed to go to a far off land.

Last, but not the least, I have learnt to make memories for my future so that one day when I look back, all I want to remember is happiness.

Would love to know, what were your lessons of 2016?

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