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A Drop of Dew

Sand held loosely in our hands, holds on. But squeezed too tight, trickles through our fingers. So is it true of the relationships we share!

Saakshi’s life is far from perfect.  At twenty–seven, she is still unmarried, waiting for Mr. Right to walk into her life. This is when she meets Vipul.  Young and energetic and romantic, his devil-may-care attitude brings in a sense of unpredictability into her life.

The unexpected arrival of a second baby has created an upheaval in Vipul and Navya’s marital life.  Loyalty towards his spouse is forgotten as Vipul sets himself free to explore the vistas of illicit affairs and liaisons.  Vipul strays down the alluring path with Saakshi for two full years, creating havoc, and plunging his marital relationship into a dangerous realm.

Stuck in a monotonous grind, Inchara and Samar’s seemingly happy marriage poses no challenges or excitement. This leaves a gaping hole in their lives where even the slightest change in routine is welcome.  Inchara and Vipul meet accidently, as strangers.  Extended telephone conversations arouse long-forgotten feelings, the sensation of being alive, of being heard and loved, helping  soothe the jagged edges in their respective marriages.

Will Saakshi move on in life?  Will Navya give Vipul a second chance and an opportunity to rebuild their marriage? Will Inchara and Samar salvage their marriage? Or will Vipul and Inchara give in to their temptation? What wins, in the conflict between the heart and the mind?

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Over The Rainbow

Pallvi and Sagar had it all: a lovely family, defined career path, and most of all, a sweet three-year-old, Sonal. Sonal’s demand for a sibling steers their life into an unexpected turn. They end up adopting Arya.

As the baby grows into a toddler, he displays unusual traits. It’s just the way the kids are; kids ought to be naughty. Things will be better soon, the couple believes. But as he grows into a little person, with his outgrown unusual behavior, the family encounters embarrassments. Eight years pass by. They try in every possible way to improve the situation, but it worsens day by day. They regret the hasty decision they had taken back then. In the meantime, the delicate bond continues to weave strongly.

Unable to cope with the mounting stress, they send him to a residential school, with a firm belief that the strict discipline of the school can mould him. They were wrong; rather, it changed their life forever and ever.

Why did the couple decide to go for adoption? What are the difficult situations they encountered? What changed their course of life? Would they accept Arya? Would they succeed overcoming the difficulty or will the wows be forgotten?

The story tours you on the journey of parenting an adopted child, encapsulating the emotions and experience.