Medical examination of a child in Adoption

Adoption Case Study

Vishnu was born to a poor couple. Unable to bring up the child, they chose to put him up for adoption. A childless couple came forward and adopted the toddler. Well settled and highly educated couple’s happiness soon faded away with the delayed milestones of Vishnu. Vishnu was unable to walk and even when he turned two, he communicated with grunts. Saliva drooling, his blank look, and oversized head were sure a sign of Mental retard what the couple overlooked. However, they thought of consulting a pediatrician. The outcome of the medical examination came as a shock to the couple.

However, coming to terms, they struggled to look after the child. But with the passing days, Vishnu’s condition became worse. It was impossible when he turned into a teen. With the puberty, the child’s often indulgence in masturbation the couple could not withstand the embarrassment. His aggressive behavior and acting out, especially when the guests arrived were becoming unmanageable tasks. Unable to face the life’s unexpected blows, the couple put him in a residential special school where there were trained people to look after such kids. Leaving back the painful memories, they left the country. Concentrating on their careers, they made a new begin.

Being away from the situation, it helped them to accept their fate and the child. Their journey as a parent was now on a different level. They visited him as often as possible. They spent time with him. The child grew in the hands of the caregivers at the residential school. With routine and some training, Vishnu learnt the potty training and learnt to eat by himself, dress up with close monitoring.

Now, the twenty-year-old has a routine and is able to manage and understand what has been told. Aggressive and arrogant, though, he is able to win the hearts of the people by his melodious songs. One loving request and he is all smiling and ready clearing his throat to entertain them. A wide grin breaks when people applaud.

The couple’s occasional visits became the happiest hours for him and for the couple too.

Analysis of the case:

The case being extremely uncontrollable if we look from the perspective of the parents, what else could be the best solution for them? If their destiny was attached to such sufferings they had to accept the fate. In the above case, nothing much could have come out even if the couple tried their best.


A medical examination is important. In the above case, both being well educated, they could have got him tested, physical and IQ, before proceeding with the adoption. However, the positive side is they did not allow that one wrong decision ruin their lives giving up on their careers.

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