As he turned one, he learnt to stand up, holding
Turning two, he spoke in grunts
By the time he was three he was hyperactive
At the age of four, he seemed to be restless
Something amiss!

Five was he when I noticed
He could not wait for his turn at play
He always ran and never walked
He blabbered
Something amiss!

At Six, he couldn’t focus
His tiny fingers could not grip the pencil
He neither knew to read nor add or subtract
At seven, he was an odd child out in the class
Something amiss!

Complaints poured in, from school and from his playmates
From parents and from teachers
‘Refer him to a psychologist,’ the headmistress had said
The seductive made him clumsy
Something amiss!

ADHD, ADD, and other disorders google suggested
Visit to the second and the third psychologists followed
But nothing helped, my child, continued to suffer
The abuses, rejections, and insults for years
Something big amiss!

At fifteen, one last time I felt the urge to try
Below average his IQ report mentioned
‘He cannot take up the normal academic curriculum
There are special coaching classes for such kids,’ the psychologist said
And I believed!

One hour of my occasional math tutoring was fun to him
But my energy drained, emotionally and physically
Handling the teen rebel became impossible
A boarding school was decided overnight
That was that!

The two years of his stay at boarding school
Returned me a smart, young, rising star
IQ report, psychologists’ recommendations
The logic all proved to be wrong
And my fervent prayers answered.

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